New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker interrupted by protesters demanding Gaza cease-fire

On Monday, Sen. Cory Booker (D.N.J.) was giving a speech when a group of pro-Palestinian protesters tried to drown him out by demanding a ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. did. “I want to address you right now: It’s your last time. This is what’s on your ballot,” Booker began […]

We Cannot Allow Support for Ukraine to Be Interrupted

President Joe Biden issued a statement Saturday calling the passage of the stopgap funding package “good news” but criticizing the lack of funding for Ukraine. “Under no circumstances can we allow U.S. assistance to Ukraine to be interrupted,” Biden said in a statement. He continued: The Speaker and the overwhelming majority of Congress have remained […]

Polish police briefly detain lawmaker who interrupted prime minister’s speech

Polish police briefly detained a Polish opposition lawmaker on Tuesday for disrupting Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s election speech, in violation of parliamentary privilege. Critics of Morawiecki’s right-wing government condemned the police action as an example of the deterioration of the rule of law. Kinga Gajewska, a lawmaker, interrupted Morawiecki’s speech with a megaphone in the […]

Live Broadcast Of Tropical Storm Hilary Interrupted By Earthquake

What’s happening in Los Angeles right now is insane. A magnitude 5.1 earthquake has decided to rock Southern California as much of the region begins to feel the effects of Tropical Storm Hillary. The epicenter of Sunday afternoon’s quake was about 6 miles southeast of Ojai, Calif., and about 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles, […]