JFK Airport strike during Memorial Day weekend averted after Gov. Hochul intervention

A planned strike by fuel workers at John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens over Memorial Day weekend was averted after Gov. Kathy Hockal stepped in to resolve the labor dispute, The Washington Post has learned. Teamsters Local 553, which represents 300 workers and mechanics who refuel commercial and cargo planes at the airport, announced a […]

US government intervention in free markets goes way beyond TikTok

Congress may be all abuzz about forcing the Chinese owners of TikTok to sell the social media company so that the communists can’t control impressionistic U.S. teenagers with their propaganda. But it’s hardly the only effort being made by federal authorities to try to lessen the influence of foreign threats in sensitive areas of technology. […]

Canada Sends 70 Troops to Jamaica to Train Caribbean Forces for Haiti Intervention

Canadian Ministry of Defense Said On Saturday, it sent about 70 troops to Jamaica to train the Caribbean nation’s military in preparation for the U.N.-authorized military intervention in Haiti. “The Canadian personnel being deployed are drawn primarily from the 1st Battalion, Royal 22e Regiment, Valcartier, Quebec,” the Ministry of Defense said. Said. “Their deployment will […]

Critics savagely mock ‘bystander intervention cards’ from Bay Area transit system to be handed out amid harassment situations

Critics have relentlessly derided the “bystander intervention card” that Northern California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit System promotes for use in harassment situations. Friday BART Posted X’s instructions about cards: “You can ask a station agent for BART’s free Bystander Intervention Card, which you can use if you experience or witness harassment at a station or […]

Dollar gains as inflation data looms; yen on intervention watch – Yahoo Finance

Written by Brigid Riley and Alan John TOKYO/LONDON (Reuters) – Traders were wary of key economic indicators and hesitant about the yen’s movements on Thursday after U.S. Federal Reserve policymakers said they were in no hurry to cut interest rates. The dollar appreciated against the euro and pound. Regarding concerns about Japanese intervention. Japan’s currency […]

Intervention threat curbs dollar's ascent towards new high on the yen – Yahoo Finance

Written by Lei Wee SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The greenback dominated on Monday, with the yen anchored near multi-decade lows, although threats of currency intervention by Japanese authorities prevented it from heading further north. The yen was previously valued at 151.25 yen to the dollar, and last week it bottomed out at 151.86 yen, the lowest […]

Foreign intervention won’t save Haiti. This is what America can do instead. 

The situation in Port-au-Prince is rapidly unraveling. Gangs are running Haiti’s capital. Basic necessities such as food and fuel are difficult to find and even difficult to obtain. It was sold at an exorbitant price on the black market. Three years after President Jovenel Moïse was killed by a raiding party, Haiti has no effective […]

Israel Doesn’t Need Any ‘Foreign Intervention’ in Our Internal Affairs

Fleur Hassan Nahum, Jerusalem’s deputy mayor, said Israel is a “very strong democracy” and does not need “any foreign interference when dealing with its own leaders”, adding that Israel’s democratic He countered reports of the Biden administration trying to undermine the nation he was elected to serve as president. He spoke about the government and […]