Senior Russian official dies after decrying ‘fascist invasion’

A senior Russian official who reportedly criticized the Kremlin’s attack on Ukraine as a “fascist invasion” and lamented the “degree of state brutality” has died of undisclosed causes after fleeing Cuba. Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Pyotr Kucherenko, 46, fell ill on Saturday while flying with a delegation to Russia, his office said. […]

border invasion ‘is your fault’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned that an imminent “massive” “invasion of our southern border” would bring “tragedy,” “suffering,” and death, directing the president to “Joe Biden, this is your fault.” The leading Republican said in a video from the Brownsville, Texas border that “you can see the invasion on the southern border.” “And now there […]

House Passes Sweeping Border Bill to Stop ‘Invasion’

The House passed a comprehensive border package on Thursday, the same day the Biden administration stripped border agents of one of the last resorts to stemping waves of illegal immigration. HR 2, Vote on the 2023 Border Security Act, passed it 219 to 213 without Democrats. Two Republicans, Rep. Thomas Massey (Republican, Kentucky) and Rep. […]

Horowitz: GOP governors must repel the invasion

It is unparalleled in human history. No other sovereign nation has voluntarily invited millions of invaders, mostly young men, to line up at its borders and enter the country. With an estimated over 140,000 illegal immigrants in the last two weeks (even before Title 42 was officially abolished on Thursday), it’s time to stop this […]

Russia’s Invasion ‘Wasn’t Just All Biden’ — We Appeased Them in 2014

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher responded to accusations that President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan encouraged Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, saying, “It’s not all about Biden. He said. management. “TRIGGERnometry” podcast co-host Konstantin Kissin tells Maher:[Y]You say he treated Ukraine well and I agree with you. But in my […]