‘Probability of Doom:’ Silicon Valley Invents Metric to Measure Chance AI Kills Us All

According to recent reports, it’s not uncommon in Silicon Valley these days for even strangers to ask, “What are the chances of your ruin?” When discussing artificial intelligence. Progressive brainiacs in Silicon Valley have created a metric called “p(doom)” that defines the probability that AI will wipe out humanity. according to recent reports from new […]

Biden flubs spending boast, invents number in new gaffe

President Biden appeared to have made up vast new numbers in an effort to boast about his administration's massive infrastructure spending, a spending challenge the White House has sought to downplay in the public record. . “Instead of Infrastructure Week, we see America entering a decade of infrastructure,” the president told a crowd in Las […]

A 12-year-old girl invents a life-saving fire detector

Imagine being able to prevent a fire from spreading and destroying your home, belongings, and loved ones. Now imagine being able to receive a text message on your phone informing you that there is a fire in your home, even when you are away from home. And what if you find out that the person […]