Model draws outrage for noose dress raising awareness for Iran executions

Iranian-born model Malaga Jaberi is splitting the internet after wearing a rope-like dress to raise social awareness. Executions in Iran. Jaberi, 33, posted the following video on his Instagram:[d]Dedicated to the people of Iran after attending the Cannes Film Festival. She shared her video with the hashtag “#StopExecutionsInIran”. Iran has executed several citizens by hanging […]

Taliban Threatens to ‘Conquer’ Iran After Border Shootout

The Taliban’s top jihadist said in a video released this weekend after a deadly shootout between Iran’s border guards and an Afghan terrorist group, that if approval is given, his group will ” We will conquer Iran,” he warned. Both Iran and the Taliban regime are Islamic extremists and terrorist organizations, and on the surface […]

Iran hangs man in ‘medieval’ public execution, human rights group says

Iran publicly hanged a man in front of a large crowd on Thursday, an execution recently carried out by the Islamic Republic, a human rights group said. The unidentified man was convicted of “corruption on earth” and hanged in the city of Malage, according to the Norway-based Iranian Human Rights Organization (IHR). He was convicted […]

Is Iran unlocking the gates to Armageddon?

Nearly a year ago, I warned on these pages that Israel and Iran were rapidly reaching a tipping point over Tehran’s intentions to weaponize Iran’s nuclear program. In June 2022, it was reported that Iran was already accumulating resources. 95 pounds That’s far more than the mass needed for an atomic weapon, but it’s still […]

Images of Iran Facility Suggest Underground Nuclear Site Protected from Airstrikes

Experts who have reviewed satellite imagery said in a report on Tuesday that Iran is reportedly building nuclear facilities deep underground, which even the most powerful U.S. weapons may not be able to destroy. report, published by Associated Press (AP) spoke with several nuclear experts and analyzed satellite imagery to reach a conclusion. A major […]

Biden, Congress must take advantage of their chance to reset Iran policy

The Biden administration has been in power for more than two years, but it still lacks an Iran policy built for 2023. Meanwhile, the Iranian government has not stopped. Islamic Republic is arm Russia with drones Regarding its use against EU candidate Ukraine, the agreement between the P5+1 that created the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

Iran defies US over executions, putting three democracy protesters to death

JERUSALEM—The Islamic Republic of Iran on Friday continued its killing of pro-democracy demonstrators despite pleas from the Biden administration that there would be no executions. The Mizan news agency, which aligns with Iran’s opaque judiciary, which is controlled by the Iranian regime, reported that Saleh Mirehashemi, Majid Kazemi and Saeed Yakubi were executed in Isfahan […]

US charges Chinese national with giving Iran ballistic missile materials

Federal prosecutors announced on Tuesday that they had indicted a Chinese man for trying to supply Iran with materials used in the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Xiangjiang Qiao, 39, is an employee of Sinotech Dalian Carbon and Graphite Manufacturing Corporation. According to the Justice Department, Sinotech Dalian is part of a network of Chinese […]

Russia wants more Iran drones ahead of Ukraine counterattack: US

WASHINGTON – Russia is looking to buy “smarter and more lethal versions” of Iranian strike drones as weapons inventories run low ahead of an expected Ukrainian counterattack, the White House said Monday. . Since August, the Iranian government has already provided Moscow with more than 400 armed drones for use in Ukraine as part of […]

White House looking at measures to respond to defense partnership between Iran, Russia

A White House spokeswoman warned Monday that there were signs that Russia and Iran were expanding an “unprecedented defense partnership,” with Iran providing Russia with more than 400 drones in the past few months. In a call with reporters, White House National Security Press Secretary John Kirby described Iran as Russia’s “best military supporter” and […]