Israel Releases Footage of Naval Exercise Near Lebanon as War with Hezbollah Looms

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Friday released footage of naval exercises it conducted in the Mediterranean Sea near Lebanon. It was a warning to Iran-backed Hezbollah that Israel intended to attack from sea, air and land if it did not stop firing rockets. IDF: Israeli Navy missile ship platoon completed large-scale exercise this week […]

Associated Press Sued By Victims Of Hamas Attacks In Israel

A baby swing hangs near a house destroyed in a Hamas attack on a kibbutz in Beeri, Israel, on October 14, 2023. (Photo by Amir Levi/Getty Images) Sophia Flores of OAN1:15pm – Friday, February 23, 2024 American and Israeli citizens killed in the October 7 attack by Hamasth Israel’s attackers have filed a lawsuit against […]

G20 Nations Parrot ‘Two-State Solution’ Demand both Israel and Hamas Reject

Participants in a continuing meeting of top diplomats from G20 countries have achieved “virtual unanimity” in calling for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state carved out of Israel, host Brazil declared on Thursday. This clearly ignored the fact that both Israel and the two countries had an agreement. The Gaza government and the terrorist group […]

Middle East crisis live: West Bank drone strike killed militant planning attack, Israel claims; ceasefire talks ‘going well’, says US | Israel

Israeli military says drone strike in West Bank destroys planned extremist attack IsraelThe military announced on Friday. Palestinian A militant on his way to a shooting attack was killed in a drone attack. occupied west bank city ​​of Jenin This was reported by Agence France-Presse (AFP) the day before. Yasser Hanun from islamic jihad The […]

AOC suggests cutting off aid to Israel

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Lebanese Ex-Pres. Slams Hezbollah Attacks on Israel: ‘No Treaty with Gaza’

Former Lebanese President Michel Aoun condemned the country’s terrorist organization Hezbollah for its persistent attacks on Israel, saying, “No one party alone can make decisions in a conflict like this,” adding that Lebanon has Gaza and He pointed out that there is no obligation to protect Palestinians based in Gaza because “we do not have […]

Exclusive – Sen. Blackburn Slams Biden for ‘Betraying’ Israel

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said any type of ceasefire in Gaza would be a “victory for Hamas” and called for a halt to Israeli operations to dismantle the terrorist organization’s remaining strongholds. He accused President Joe Biden of pursuing “aggressively.” In Gaza, it argued that insisting on such a cease-fire would be “betraying” the […]

GRAPHIC CONTENT *** Israel Releases Initial Report on Hamas Sexual Violence October 7

Israel on Wednesday released its first report on sexual violence committed by Hamas during the October 7 terrorist attack. The report, compiled by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI), was carefully compiled based on eyewitness testimony and available forensic evidence. As Breitbart News reported in November, accusations of rape, sexual assault, and […]


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