LeBron James is now No. 4 all-time in NBA assists

LeBron James is los angeles lakers 129-123 win new york knicks At Madison Square Garden. With last night’s triple-double, LeBron became the first player in the league to record a triple-double since his 20th year. With LeBron’s 28 points, he’s just 89 points away from the all-time points tally. LeBron also achieved another great feat […]

Shannon Sharpe picked a courtside fight with Grizzlies over defending LeBron James

A strange scene unfolded on the way Memphis Grizzlies so los angeles lakers On Friday night, FS1 talking head (and former NFL wide receiver) Shannon Sharp joined in a courtside screaming match with Tea Morant, father of Grizzlies player and Memphis star Ja Morant. Security and the referee eventually broke up the brawl and Sharp […]