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How Japan’s newest yen note came from the Nepali mountains – CNN

Tokyo CNN — Banks across Japan on Wednesday began refilling ATMs with shiny new yen notes from an unlikely source: the bright yellow-flowering paperbush shrub that grows in the rugged Himalayan mountains of Nepal. Before finding its way into the wallets of Japanese consumers, yen notes undergo a long and complicated journey involving months of […]

Japan’s Royal Family In UK For 3-Day State Visit Hosted By King Charles

This visit will be the Emperor’s second official visit since ascending to the throne in 2019. London: The Emperor and Empress of Japan arrived in the UK on Saturday ahead of a three-day official visit hosted by King Charles III. The couple arrived on a flight from Japan and are due to spend Sunday and […]

Japan’s High-Tech Toilets Go Global

Kitakyushu City (Japan): As Japan welcomes record numbers of tourists, the high-tech toilets that inhabit one of the country’s more private attractions are becoming a staple in luxury bathrooms around the world. Bidet toilets, with their heated seats and sophisticated cleaning technology, are the norm in Japan, with more than 80 percent of homes equipped […]

Japan’s Military Needs More Women, But Harassment Cases Stand In Way

The Department of Defense offers an annual online module on harassment in general. Tokyo: As Japan embarks on a major military buildup, it is struggling to fill its military with the women it needs and policymakers have promised to recruit. The number of women volunteering to join the Self-Defense Forces, which had been steadily increasing […]

Japan’s Fisheries Agency seeks to allow commercial catching of fin whales

Japan’s Fisheries Agency has proposed adding fin whales along with three smaller whale species to its commercial whaling program. The proposal comes five years after Japan resumed commercial whaling within its exclusive economic zone. Anti-whaling protests have declined since Japan moved to limited commercial whaling within its coasts. Japan’s Fisheries Agency on Thursday proposed a […]

Japan’s planning its first lunar steps with the Artemis program

The United States and Japan have signed an agreement that will change the direction of space exploration. According to the White House, In exchange for Japan providing a pressurized vehicle that would greatly expand astronauts’ ability to explore the moon, NASA plans to have two Japanese astronauts participate in future Artemis missions to the moon. […]