Missing Texas Woman Found Alive in Jeep Submerged in Lake

A Texas sheriff’s deputy found a woman reported missing alive in a submerged Jeep on Friday. Marion County Sheriff’s Office I have written On April 7, an agent helped recover a submerged Jeep from Lake O’ the Pines, Texas, in a Facebook post, noting that “one person is still in the car and moving” in […]

Jeep put a park bench on a pickup truck

The Jeep Gladiator is a 5 seater pickup and now has a 7 seater pickup. It’s time to stop. The Gladiator Rubicon Sideburn is a concept truck being demonstrated at the Easter Jeep Safari in Utah this week, showing off some ideas for future features. The truck gets its name from the concept carbon fiber […]

Stolen Jeep Crashes into Full NY School Bus amid Police Chase

A stolen jeep collides with a New York school bus carrying several students. The news comes at a time when carjackings seem to be plaguing citizens across the country. A Jeep was stolen at knifepoint from a woman who quit her job Wednesday, according to Rochester law enforcement, Fox 5 report Friday. When officers finally […]

Jeep maker Stellantis to hand $4.5B to shareholders

Check out what’s being clicked on Stellantis NV plans to distribute a $4.47 billion dividend to shareholders and buy back up to $1.6 billion worth of shares after revenue and net profit surge in 2022 as electric vehicle sales surge. increase. Automakers such as Stellantis have had to deal with supply chain problems caused […]