HarperCollins to Release Peter Schweizer Blockbuster — ‘A Towering Achievement of Investigative Journalism’

Politico Playbook reported Wednesday that Peter Schweitzer, director of the Government Accountability Center and senior Breitbart News contributor, has revealed China’s “war of collapse” plan to kill Americans and cause social chaos. Exclusively reported.And the seventh time new york times A bestselling author is about to reveal all this. new book Publishing giant HarperCollins praised […]

To save local journalism, update the Public Broadcasting Act

Thomas Jefferson as U.S. Ambassador to France I have written “If I had to choose between a government without a newspaper and a newspaper without a government, I would choose the latter without a moment’s hesitation.” Jefferson would be disappointed with today’s trends. Increasingly, governments do not have newspapers, especially at the local level, where […]

Media meltdown: Why journalism is battered and bleeding

Let’s start with the good news. At the flick of a finger, more information is instantly available than ever before in human history. Stories, columns, opinions, videos, photos, music, movies, text, social media, streaming, podcasts. From desktops to mobile phones to tablets to smartwatches, there are more ways to consume and more ways to voice […]

David Smith is not the enemy of local journalism

Journalism elites are condemning the sale of the Baltimore Sun this month to a man seen as the head of an evil empire. Maryland-based Sinclair Corp. is one of the nation's largest owners of local television stations, and its executive chairman, David Smith, has threatened to make major changes to the paper, which is currently […]

Solid journalism brought down Claudine Gay

As it turns out, Claudine Gay's testimony before Congress nearly a month ago did not prompt her to resign from her respected position as president of Harvard University this week. She was embarrassed, but not disqualified. For Liz McGill of Pennsylvania, that moment led to an immediate backlash from donors. Money spoke to her, so […]

NYT sues OpenAI, Microsoft for allegedly using its stories to train chatbots: ‘Threaten high-quality journalism’

The New York Times filed a lawsuit Wednesday against OpenAI and its partner Microsoft for allegedly using the publication's copyrighted articles to train the media's artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. . announced. by lawsuitthe companies used numerous online sources to train their AI systems, but “they gave particular weight to Times content when building their AI systems. […]

Fox News’ Benjamin Hall spotlights the importance of journalism during touching speech

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall was honored with the Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award for Courageous Journalism and the importance of journalism at the 30th Annual American Research Foundation Journalism Awards Dinner in New York on Tuesday night. spotlight on. “I stand here today, both as someone who witnessed war, as someone who lived through war, […]

Harvard Alums Create ‘Rhoda Kadalie Endowed Journalism Scholarship’ at Hillsdale

Breitbart News senior editor Joel Pollack and his wife, economist Julia Pollack, have created a newsletter for journalism students in memory of Julia’s mother, human rights activist Rhoda Cadderly, in the wake of the Harvard debacle. He turned to Hillsdale College to create an endowed scholarship. Condemns Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians. “We have been […]


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