Julius Randle was beefing with referee during on-court proposal

Julius Randle disagrees! The Knicks forward chose the wrong time and place to speak with official Brandon Adair during Thursday night’s 118-112 win over the Pistons. Now he will forever be part of one couple’s special moment, as the backdrop to an on-court proposal in the garden. In Randle’s defense, he said he never expected […]

Knicks need better than hit-or-miss effort by Julius Randle

Edward R. Murrow said, “Good night and good luck.”Walter Cronkite’s go-to is “…and it is That’s right. ” At the end of every concert he’s ever performed, Billy Joel has advised his audience, “Don’t let anyone give you their opinion.” Here’s Tom Thibodeau’s signature line: “It’s a make-or-break league.” It has always been that way, […]

Julius Randle bouncing back in big way after slow Knicks start

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If Julius Randle didn’t back it up, it would have been just lip service, just an excuse. But after six strong games, it was clear Randle wasn’t blowing smoke. Offseason ankle surgery, or at least recovery from it, posed a challenge to start the season. Not so much these days. “I feel […]

Julius Randle turning things around after dreadful Knicks start

Julius Randle wasn’t necessarily making excuses. He was explaining the situation. He is not at all surprised by the fact that his surgically repaired left ankle still limits his movement. “I told you guys from the beginning that it’s a process. I had surgery four and a half months ago, and it was a lower […]

Julius Randle had ankle pain, resisted Knicks’ attempts to rest him

Julius Randle has struggled through the first week of the season, battling ankle soreness, but has resisted the Knicks’ attempts to rest him in an effort to keep him available, multiple sources said. he told the Post. Randle, who underwent arthroscopic ankle surgery in the offseason, was at about “70 percent” after the surgery, officials […]

Julius Randle breaks out as Knicks spoil James Harden’s Clippers debut

Julius Randle rediscovered the shot and RJ Barrett returned it strong. Facing a lineup of former MVPs and All-Stars, the Knicks ran away in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s 111-97 victory, ensuring that James Harden’s Clippers debut was a loss at the Garden. Randle was the focal point of the team’s early-season struggles, entering […]

Clippers’ Mason Plumlee carried off court after Julius Randle collision

Mason Plumlee had to be carried off the court after running into Julius Randle’s veteran knee dive for the ball. The incident occurred Monday with 4:10 left in the third quarter of the Knicks’ 111-97 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers at Madison Square Garden. Randle made a split-second dive to keep the loose ball […]

Tom Thibodeau sounds like he’s out of excuses for Knicks’ Julius Randle

MILWAUKEE — That wasn’t a scolding from Tom Thibodeau. Rather, it’s an animated pep talk from the postgame presser. And while the coach refrained from mentioning Julius Randle’s name, the question was about the All-Star and the answer certainly applied. “You can’t decide in advance. You can’t say, ‘I haven’t taken a shot yet, so […]

Julius Randle’s rough Knicks start keeps getting worse

In the grand scheme of an 82-game season, five games will be forgotten in the blink of an eye. So it may be too early to start worrying about Julius Randle. But the sample size so far includes a lot of missed shots and some discouraging blunders. We’re only a week into the Knicks’ season, […]