Lifestyle, Politics Not a Factor in Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict Juror Says

Jurors in Hunter Biden’s gun trial have made it clear that neither President Joe Biden’s son’s lifestyle nor politics were factors in his conviction. “It was a shocking experience,” said the juror, known only as number 10. CNN The case of Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, was not mentioned during the jury’s deliberations. […]

Five Convicted In $250M Fraud Case Amid Juror Bribery Incident

Five people were convicted Friday of participating in a massive fraud scheme that embezzled more than $40 million from federal funds meant to feed children during the pandemic, the New York Post reported. The case attracted widespread attention due to an alleged attempt to bribe jurors with $120,000 in cash hidden in Hallmark gift bags […]

Juror 16 Excused from Hunter Biden Trial Before Opening Statements

Judge Maryellen Noreika excused juror No. 16 in Hunter Biden’s firearms trial after he explained in an email to the court on Tuesday that he would not be able to attend the trial due to an hour’s travel time. Juror No. 16 qualified on Monday after testifying in court that she first learned about the […]

Juror in fraud case has $120,000 bribe delivered to her door

A juror in a Minneapolis trial over the theft of $250 million in pandemic relief funds was told he received a bag delivered to his home containing $120,000 in cash, along with a note promising him even more if he voted not guilty. The bribes were delivered to the jurors’ homes on Sunday evening, just […]

Fraud trial juror claims she received $120K payment, was promised more to acquit

The jury was dismissed Monday after a woman reported leaving a bag with $120,000 in cash in her home and offering to pay more if she voted to acquit seven people charged with stealing more than $40 million from programs meant to feed children during the pandemic. “This is completely outrageous,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph […]