Trump says he ‘strongly’ supports IVF, calls on Alabama lawmakers to ‘find an immediate solution’ for keeping treatment option available

Former President Donald Trump said he supports IVF treatment after the Alabama Supreme Court ordered hospitals to stop offering it. Days after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are considered children under state law, President Trump appeared on Truth Social Friday to urge state lawmakers to maintain access to IVF. I called out. […]

Mets’ Luisangel Acuna keeping focused on MLB goal

PORT STREET CEA — While in New York last month to watch his brother win the National League MVP Award at the Baseball Writers Dinner, Luis Angel Acuña ventured to Citi Field. . “That’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since I got traded here,” Acuña said through an interpreter Saturday before practice at Clover […]

Noisy fish sex keeping Florida residents up all night: scientist

It’s the call of the wild… Upset residents of Tampa Bay, Florida are scrambling to explain a mysterious rolling bass that is vibrating their walls and keeping their children awake at night. The frenzied theories range from a top-secret night operation at a nearby military base to a code-breaking nightclub and even an alien squadron. […]

Keeping Them in Jail, Which They Weren’t, Is ‘Good’

On Thursday’s broadcast of FOX News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” NYPD Deputy Director of Intelligence Rebecca Weiner said that because New York City is designated a sanctuary city, the city has no control over assaults on NYPD officers. He responded to a question about whether he would contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement to remove suspected immigrants. […]

Scientists Think Rough Fish Sex Is Keeping Floridians Awake, Shaking Their Homes

Tampa residents have trouble sleeping at night due to the loud sounds of mating fish. Residents in the Tampa Bay area reported an apparent “drumming” sound that was sending vibrations through their homes, and raised funds to investigate the strange occurrence. according to Smithsonian Museum. Local scientists said the noise could be the sound of […]

Dating App Culture Is Keeping People Lonely

I have people who say I have the best dating luck in the world. I tell them it's not “luck”; they can just use apps and reject app culture. In an age of constant connectivity and instant dating, the majority of young people feel lonely. This is not because we can't find people to be […]

Biden campaign focused on keeping reproductive rights top of mind for voters

President Biden's re-election campaign released a memo on Friday highlighting former President Donald Trump's impact on abortion access and the reproductive rights crisis in 2024. Campaign Director Julie Chavez Rodriguez commemorates the upcoming 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade in a memo titled “November 2024 Will Decide the Fate of Women's Reproductive Rights,” which states […]


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