Keke Palmer defends her, Darius Jackson’s baby boy Leodis’ name

Keke Palmer applauds her and Darius Jackson’s commentary on baby boy names. After the actress debuted Leodis Andrelton Jackson Via Instagram On Monday, a Twitter user was quick to make fun of baby Monica. “That name sounds like it led the civil rights movement.” read tweets. “No,” Star replied. [Luther King Jr.]rumbling. Many of the […]

Keke Palmer gives birth — in ‘realistic’ ‘Sims’ game

Keke Palmer is an actress, singer, mother, and current video game streamer. 29-year-old, first time mom Last weekend, she joined live streaming service Twitch, but she’s not just there for entertainment and gaming. She uses it to help prepare for childbirth and pending motherhood. Active in the social simulation game “The Sims 4” where you […]