Warriors’ Draymond Green appears to kick Pelicans’ Herb Jones during melee

Draymond Green is famous for taking things into high gear. Golden State his Warriors forward appeared to take kicks to opposing team players out of his repertoire. However, after Green drove in for a layup, he bumped into New Orleans Pelicans guard Herb Jones. A scrum occurred as multiple players pushed each other before the […]

Draymond Green tries to kick Herb Jones during heated game

Draymond Green can kick higher than many thought. The Warriors big man showed his flexibility when he tangled with Pelicans guard Herb Jones in Tuesday’s chippy contest. Golden State recovered from his 20-point deficit with his 120-109 win over New Orleans. In a hard-fought second quarter, Green committed an offensive foul and appeared to attempt […]

‘Joe Biden Has Put a Kick Me Sign on Uncle Sam’s Back’

On this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) hopes President Joe Biden will sign a bill showing links between COVID-19 and Chinese labs. But he said he was still critical. In particular, Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week. “Do you think […]

Pentagon Says It Could Still Kick Out 16K Unvaccinated Troops

In a recent letter to lawmakers, the Pentagon said it could kick out as many as 16,000 unvaccinated troops, even though the coronavirus vaccine mandate is no longer in effect. A letter from Military Undersecretary of Defense Gilbert Cisneros said that even though the mandate is no longer in effect, military officials are “reviewing cases […]

Biden Would Kick Any Dems Tail — He’s in Stronger Position than Obama, Clinton

MSNBC political analyst Cornell Belcher said Monday in The Chris Jansing Report that President Joe Biden will kick the tail of Democratic challengers in the 2024 presidential primary. Here is a partial transcript: Chris Jansing: Is that what Democrats should want? So in the end it’s all about 8, right? It’s the 8 in front […]

Republicans to kick off 2024 presidential primary debates in August in Milwaukee

The Republican National Committee has announced that it will hold the first 2024 GOP presidential nominating debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in August. The RNC said the standing committee of the presidential debate voted Thursday to hold the debate in Milwaukee to coincide with the summer meeting of the National Party Committee. Milwaukee will also serve […]

Ron DeSantis and his family kick off Florida state fair in Tampa: Photos

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis kicked off the State Fair this week in Tampa, Florida, where families enjoyed rides, games, snacks, and socializing with other Florida residents. Thursday’s outing included First Lady Casey DeSantis, DeSantis’ 2-year-old daughter Mamie, and 4-year-old son Mason.Tom Brady in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey.His 6-year-old daughter. Madison did not attend. […]