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Utah bill proposes mandated potty training for kindergarteners

A proposed Utah law would make it illegal for parents to send their children to kindergarten without first potty training them. The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Douglas Welton, would also create guidelines for referring families who don’t comply with policy changes to social workers. Republican lawmakers said they had no choice but to do […]

Kindergarteners would get cash for attending class under Ohio proposal

Under an Ohio bill aimed at preventing absenteeism, students as young as 5 years old would be able to receive wages for attending class. Under the pilot program, the state will give selected kindergarteners and ninth-graders $25 in cash every other week for just attending nine classes out of 10 days in a two-week period. […]

Andy Cohen slams ‘kindergarteners’ Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga

talk about Being a “daddy of many”. Andy Cohen accused Teresa Judith and Melissa Gorga of acting like children during Part Two of the heated Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. “You guys look like fucking kindergarteners, that’s funny,” the “Watch What Happens Live” host said to her sister-in-law. Cohen tried to stop their attempts […]

Kindergartener’s violent story for class assignment leads to arrest of her mother

A Tennessee woman was recently arrested after her daughter submitted a violent story on a class assignment. A counselor at Donelson Elementary School in Arlington, Tennessee, about 30 miles east of Memphis, became concerned after reading a story written by one of her kindergarteners. “Dad and mom had a fight,” the girl wrote. “Mom told […]