Mexico’s López Obrador claims lack of hugs caused US fentanyl crisis

The president of Mexico said on Friday he blamed the fentanyl overdose crisis because families in the United States aren’t hugging their children enough. President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador’s remarks cap off a week of provocative statements from him on the crisis caused by fentanyl. Lopez Obrador said family values ​​are collapsing in the United […]

Eric Adams says lack of faith is biggest challenge for NYC

Mayor Eric Adams’ biggest concern isn’t the immigration emergency, the rise in retail thefts, or the post-Corona economic slowdown, but the lack of spirituality among New Yorkers. Adams said Thursday that a lack of faith is the biggest crisis facing the Big Apple right now, and again called for religion and God to become more […]

GOP’s FTC hopefuls lack experience on on antitrust issues

A pair of Republicans who are front-runners to fill the Federal Trade Commission vacancy lack experience when it comes to antitrust — an important issue the powerful panel has been working on under controversial chairman Rina Khan. On the Money has learned that this is a serious problem. Andrew Ferguson, who is currently Virginia’s attorney […]

Christie jabs at lack of crowd for Trump at CPAC: ‘That room was half-full’

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Republican) appeared Sunday to make fun of the size of the crowd attending former President Trump’s keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) weekend, saying the room was “half full.” He said. full. “ “You saw the CPAC scene and the room was half full,” Christie said […]

Spencer Dinwiddie bemoans lack of Nets superstars for ref treatment

ATLANTA — The Nets’ Sunday loss to the Hawks was decided by a winning buzzer beater by Trae Young, the only star player left in the relationship. But it was every 50-50 call that Spencer Dinwiddie said emphasized his point about how much the Nets miss superstars. The Nets are 1-4 since trading Kevin Durant. […]

Americans delay medical care over lack of savings, survey says

According to a recent Gallup survey, more Americans than ever said rising costs mean they have to secure health care. (iStock) A recent survey found that many Americans, sometimes in serious condition, are postponing medical care because they don’t have the funds to cover rising medical costs. 38% of respondents said they or a family […]