900 American Workers at West Virginia Plant Laid Off After Feds Refuse Tariffs on China

Approximately 900 American workers at a factory in Weirton, West Virginia, lost their jobs after the federal agency denied the Commerce Department’s permission to impose tariffs on cheap tin imports from Canada, China, Germany and South Korea. The prospect of losing it. On February 15th, Cleveland Cliffs executives announced The company’s tin production plant in […]

Sports Illustrated’s entire staff told they are getting laid off

It was a dark day for sports journalism. Arena Group on Friday warned all Sports Illustrated staff that their positions would be eliminated. Richard Deitsch, a sports media reporter who moved from Sports Illustrated to The Athletic, posted an email to the X that all employees received. “Some employees will be terminated with immediate effect […]

Former NATO chief says recent US administrations laid groundwork for global conflicts

Former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has argued that the past three US presidential administrations are partly to blame for the current global conflicts. rasmussenon It broke down on Tuesday He spoke to Politico's National Security Daily Newsletter about why he believes recent administrations have laid the groundwork for continued concerns about conflicts in Ukraine […]

Gen Z and millennials embrace laid back work weeks

As 2024 begins, millions of workers return to their 9-to-5 jobs after the holidays. Quietly retiring, “lazy woman work” and “bare Mondays” are still being talked about on social media by many members of Gen Z, as well as Millennials who prefer not to adhere to traditional employee standards. It's a growing trend. According to […]

GM announces over 1,300 workers being laid off at 2 Michigan plants

Check out what's being clicked on general motors According to the Detriot Free Press, a total of 1,314 employees will be laid off at two Michigan plants in connection with the end of car production. GM said in a warning notice posted Thursday that the planned layoff date for the Orion assembly plant will […]

Engineer, Who Lost Job At Twitter Last Year, Now Laid Off By Spotify

This is Spotify’s third announcement of layoffs this year. Music streaming giant Spotify said Monday it will cut its workforce by about 17% in a bid to cut costs as economic growth slows “dramatically.” According to the company, approximately 1,500 employees are scheduled to retire. Meanwhile, an engineer who was fired from his company shared […]

Kissinger laid groundwork for a generation of Middle East peace, McFarland says

Henry Kissinger, a German-born American diplomat, scholar, and presidential aide who served as secretary of state for two presidents, was a leading figure in the Middle East, according to K.T. McFarland, the former vice president for national security. It is said that he laid the foundation for peace for a generation. Mr. Kissinger died Wednesday […]


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