W.H.O. Takes Up Changing Existing Public Health Laws

The World Health Organization (WHO) Member States are its core legal document International Health Regulations The International Human Rights Treaty (IHR), which opens in Geneva this week, also includes a clause calling for wealthy countries to pump more money into WHO programs. The WHO on Monday marked the first day of its annual global conference, […]

NYC’s ‘sanctuary’ laws still a hurdle to deport illegal immigrants charged with crimes, but ICE official sees progress in Adams admin

The Adams administration is working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to circumvent New York City’s strict sanctuary city laws, which ICE officials say hinder the federal agency’s efforts to deport violent criminals. Ken Gennaro, a Brooklyn-born field director for the bureau’s New York office, has for months fought city policies that bar local […]

Europe sets benchmark for rest of the world with landmark AI laws

Landmark European rules on artificial intelligence will come into effect next month after European Union countries on Tuesday ratified a political agreement reached in December that will set potential global standards for the technology used in business and everyday life. The European Union’s AI law is more comprehensive than the United States’ lighter voluntary compliance […]

States With Weaker Marijuana Laws See More Impaired Driving, Report Says

 A new report found that states with less restrictive marijuana policies have higher incidents of residents driving while high. The Drug Free America Foundation released a new report showing that states that have legalized or weakened restrictions around high-THC marijuana, either for medical or recreational use, saw 32% more marijuana-impaired driving than states that have […]

NY Assembly Dems block ‘common sense’ attempt to reverse migrant sanctuary laws

The Albany Democrat on Tuesday effectively repealed the Laken Act, which requires New York authorities to notify federal immigration authorities when they apprehend immigrants. The bill, named after a University of Georgia student who was allegedly killed by immigrants earlier this year, nearly died on arrival in the left-leaning state Legislature. But Republicans on Tuesday […]

Medical residents avoiding states with strict abortion laws

Currently, access to abortion is A patchwork of laws by state. Physicians and pregnant women have expressed concerns about the law and the various exceptions, but the confusion apparently extends to medical residents as well. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) states that the continued decline in medical student interest in training in states […]

Kemp signs election laws after swing state was center of Democratic attacks in 2020

Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) signed a new election law, adding to the several already signed since the 2021 legislative session, spurred by concerns from Democrats and Republicans about voting processes in the Peach State following the 2020 election. The state is expected to be a pivotal race again for President Joe Biden and former President […]