Florida’s anti-LGBT laws are unwarranted and un-American

After the fifth graders at Winding Waters Elementary School in Hernando County, Florida, were taking their morning standardized tests, teacher Jenna Barbie gave them the following answers. study break. In class, we watched Disney’s 2022 animated sci-fi movie, Strange World. “Strange World” is the story of a scientist who overcomes differences while searching for an […]

Most Americans say they would support stricter gun control laws: poll

A new poll released on Friday showed that a majority of Americans support tighter gun control. Sixty-four percent said they were in favor of a stricter law, while 36% said they were against it. CNN-SSRS poll found. A slightly smaller percentage, 54%, said these gun laws would reduce gun-related deaths in the country, and 58% […]

Group Behind Ohio Abortion Measure Wants to End Parental Consent Laws

One far-left group promoting abortion voting efforts in Ohio has repeatedly called for the repeal of parental involvement laws. The Coalition Leading the Abortion Movement Ohioans Defending Reproductive Freedomit seems to be intentionally vague as to whether or not. Proposed ballot text It could undermine Ohio’s parental consent laws. However, the Unite for Reproduction and […]

OpenAI could ‘cease operating’ in Europe over AI laws: Altman

OpenAI boss Sam Altman said his artificial intelligence-powered company could “stop doing business” in the EU if it fails to comply with EU AI law. After a speech at University College London on Wednesday, Mr Altman told reporters he had “a lot of concerns” about the EU AI law already drafted and due to come […]

‘Don’t Let Any Laws Tell You Who You Not’

Pop megastar Lizzo made political headlines during a recent concert in Omaha, denouncing a Nebraska law recently signed into law by Republican Governor Jim Pillen that protects children from transgender medical procedures. Lizzo said to the children in the audience, “These laws are not real.” you That’s the real deal. ” Lizzo kicked off her […]

Florida Pride events canceled in wake of new laws, ‘unsafe’ climate

Florida organizers canceled several events due to “dangerous” weather during Pride Month, citing new anti-LGBTQ laws signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican) . in a Facebook postSt. Cloud, Fla.-based organizers announce decision to cancel next month’s Pride event, citing recent law signing, saying new law “created a climate of fear and hostility” among LGBTQ […]

Meta fined record $1.3 billion for violating Ireland privacy laws

Check out what’s being clicked on European regulators on Monday fined Facebook’s parent company Meta $1.3 billion for misusing data from Europeans. The decision came after an investigation by the Irish Data Protection Commission, which was the lead. EU data regulator. The organization found that Meta continued to transfer European data to the United […]