Russia Is Torturing and Targeting Ukrainian Christians, Leaders Tell Speaker Johnson

Ukrainian Christian leaders have co-signed a letter asking US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson to “consider the plight” of believers in the country who are being persecuted and targeted by Russian soldiers. The letter to Johnson was co-signed by Valery Antoniu, president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union, and Yaroslav Pidzhi, president of the Ukrainian […]

Pro-Life Leaders Give Mixed Signals After Trump Fails To Endorse Federal Abortion Ban

Pro-life leaders had mixed reactions after former President Donald Trump failed to announce his support for a federal abortion ban on Monday. After weeks of speculation, Trump said that he supported it being left up to each state and that Americans should “do what’s right for your family and do what’s right for yourself…do what’s […]

Esper: Former military leaders should stay out of Trump immunity debate 

Former Trump Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Tuesday that former military leaders should not be involved in discussions about executive privilege related to former President Trump. “I hope retired admirals and generals don’t get involved in these issues,” Esper said. Said Appears on “CNN This Morning” with anchor Casey Hunt. Esper’s comments follow an […]

Gaza protesters repeatedly interrupt Senate hearing with Pentagon leaders

Anti-war demonstrators in Gaza repeatedly disrupted Tuesday’s Senate hearing attended by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Brown. Protesters twice disrupted Senate Armed Services Committee hearings at the Capitol, demanding the U.S. “stop funding Israel” and Israel’s large-scale war with Hamas. He called for support for “genocide” […]


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