5 Killed After Israeli Strike On Lebanese House: Report

The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on since October 7, 2023 (File) At least five people were killed, four of them from the same family, in an Israeli military attack on a house in southern Lebanon on Saturday, the state news agency reported. Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah movement and Israel have engaged in […]

Lebanese Ex-Pres. Slams Hezbollah Attacks on Israel: ‘No Treaty with Gaza’

Former Lebanese President Michel Aoun condemned the country’s terrorist organization Hezbollah for its persistent attacks on Israel, saying, “No one party alone can make decisions in a conflict like this,” adding that Lebanon has Gaza and He pointed out that there is no obligation to protect Palestinians based in Gaza because “we do not have […]

Lebanese Soccer Star’s Insane Flying Face Kick Somehow Doesn’t Get A Red Card

Lebanon's Khalil Khamis kicked China's Dai Wai Tsung in the face while trying to clear a kick during an Asian Cup match on Wednesday, a video posted on Reddit revealed. Despite the video assistant referee (VAR) reviewing the play, no disciplinary action was taken against Khamis for the nasty kick. Khamis protested his innocence as […]

France urges Lebanese leaders to work on bringing calm along the border with Israel

BEIRUT (AP) — The French foreign minister on Monday urged Lebanese leaders to work on de-escalating tensions along the border with Israel, saying the war between Israel and Hamas could still spread to other parts of the region. he warned. Catherine Colonna's visit to Lebanon comes a day after her visit to Israel, where she […]

Biden administration alarmed by dozens of Israeli military strikes against US-backed Lebanese army

The Biden administration has reportedly told Israel that intentional or inadvertent attacks on Lebanese forces are “unacceptable,” citing concerns about the possibility of escalating conflict in the Middle East. U.S. officials believe that at least 34 Israeli airstrikes have been carried out in areas containing Lebanese soldiers since October 7, injuring eight people and killing […]

Israel Hezbollah Israeli Shelling Kills Lebanese Village Mayor Hussein Mansour: Report

Violence escalated on the Lebanon-Israel border on Sunday. (File) dubai: Israeli artillery shells killed a Lebanese village chief on Monday, his relatives and the Lebanese state news agency said, as Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah continued a rivalry sparked by the Gaza war. Hussein Mansour was killed at his home in the village of Taybeh, a […]

Israel On Inadvertent Attack On Lebanese Troops

Israel said Lebanese forces were not the target of the attack. Jerusalem: In a rare apology, the Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday expressed regret over an inadvertent attack on a Hezbollah-linked stronghold that killed a Lebanese soldier, and said the incident was under review. Since war broke out between Hamas militants and Israel in Gaza […]

Doctors Discover Rare Vagina Stone In 27-Year-Old Lebanese Woman

A large round mass was discovered in her pelvic area. In a shocking incident, doctors in Lebanon discovered a rare vaginal reservoir inside a 27-year-old bedridden woman with cerebral palsy. According to reports, a stone the size of an orange was found inside the woman’s pelvis. science direct. This case study was published in Urology […]