Police crack down on leftist anti-Milei protests in Argentina

A confrontation between Argentine authorities and anti-government protesters enraged by President Javier Millei’s spending cuts intensified on Wednesday, with the forced dispersal of demonstrators who had blocked the capital’s main thoroughfares and the arrest of eight protesters. Ta. In an unusual move, riot police deployed powerful water cannons, drenching protesters. Demanding more food for soup […]

Congress Shelves Petro’s Controversial Leftist Healthcare Reform

Colombia’s far-left President Gustavo Petro suffered a crushing defeat Wednesday after the Colombian Congress. I voted Nine members of the corresponding Senate committee voted in favor and five voted against, deciding to shelve his controversial leftist health care reform bill. Petro, a former member of the Marxist guerrilla M19, was sworn in as Colombia’s first […]

1792 Exchange Launches Database Exposing Leftist Corporations Like Disney

1792 Exchange has launched a database exposing political bias at woke Fortune 250 companies like Disney. 1792 Exchange is a non-profit organization Dedicated We work to provide resources and develop policies to educate Americans about the dangers of “woke” companies and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. non-profit organization launched The Board Bias database exposes […]

Vanderbilt University Puts On A Clinic For How To Handle Entitled Leftist Protesters

Officials at Vanderbilt University put on a masterclass for dealing with entitled lunatic lefties after suspending seven students who refused to leave the school chancellor’s office Tuesday, according to multiple reports. The students were protesting the school’s decision to cancel a boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) referendum, according to Steve McGuire, an employee for the […]

Polarization: A fitting and fortunate response to leftist overreach

I was happy to see all the responses to my recent column on polarization, but also worried to see how many readers misunderstood my meaning. Just for the record, do not have I deplore the polarization I discussed. I see this as a fortunate response to an intolerant cultural left, an out-of-control administrative state, and […]

German Investigators Flooded With Tips on Leftist ‘Red Army Faction’ Terrorists

BERLIN (AP) – German investigators on Wednesday released a new number on the whereabouts of two suspected former members of the left-wing extremist Red Army faction on the run, following the arrest last month of a former comrade who had been in hiding for decades. They announced that they are investigating 100 new pieces of […]


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