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Heritage Foundation debunks left’s lies about Project 2025 on debut of ‘Blaze News Tonight’

On the premiere episode of “BlazeNews Tonight,” co-host Jill Savage and BlazeNews Editor-in-Chief Matthew Peterson spoke with Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts. Project 2025 And the left has grossly misinterpreted this as a tiresome attempt to scare Americans into not voting Republican. As questions continue to swirl about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities and his overall […]

Supreme Court’s term revealed the left’s incoherence

Every new term on the Supreme Court brings new indictments against its progressive wing. Last week, the Supreme Court released its final set of decisions before going on summer recess, including its long-awaited ruling in the case Trump v. United States. In his majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts concluded that while the president is […]

The Left’s “Secret Science”: Winning Ugly-Part I

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Review of “Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns” Decades of political mail from nearly every serious candidate and committee have consisted of full-color brochures sporting high-quality ink on expensive paper. The professional production value often looks sharper than the stuff sent from the local Lincoln dealership. For a […]

NAIA’s New Rules On Transgender People In Women’s Sports Rebuke The Left’s Insanity

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, one of college sports’ governing bodies, announced this week that it would not allow male-bodied athletes to compete in women’s sports, pointing to the importance of “fair and safe competition for all student-athletes.” The decision is a welcome relief in a society that refuses to […]

Biden’s Ammunition Ban Is Part Of The Left’s Plot To Disarm Americans

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes The gun prohibition lobbies have discovered that even if they can’t ban guns, choking off ammunition is an effective way to prevent people from using them. The Biden administration recently prohibited the import of ammunition from Russia. That’s bad news for American firearms owners, but there may be much worse […]

Stanford student protests are forcing the left’s moral reckoning

Four and a half years ago, IBuilding 10I interviewed then-President Marc Tessier Lavigne on Stanford University’s main campus as part of an interview story for the Stanford Daily. Editorial CommitteeAs we sat around the hardwood conference table, I asked about free speech: What is the university’s position on controversial speakers coming to campus? At the time, […]

Another Study Refutes Left’s False Claims Against Voter ID and Secure Elections

Trust the science, we’ve all been told. Well, the science has spoken again: Voter ID laws aren’t discriminatory and don’t suppress anyone’s vote. For years, liberals have peddled fabricated claims about voter ID requirements, asserting that they give an advantage to the Republican Party by “discriminating against African Americans” and suppressing their vote. They pooh-pooh […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Supreme Court Has A Chance To Torch One Of The Left’s Favorite Legal Tactics

From fuel emissions standards to gasoline-powered vehicle bans to sweeping climate disclosure rules, states like California are constantly testing the extent to which state laws can shape national climate policy. But for nearly a decade, activists and left-leaning lawmakers have simultaneously pursued a backdoor strategy of using state courts, rather than state or federal legislatures, […]