San Francisco Politician Reverses Course On Pro-Cop Legislation: REPORT

A ballot measure to increase the minimum number of San Francisco police officers is now reportedly facing opposition from the politicians who proposed it. Matt Dorsey, a member of the San Francisco City Oversight Commission, reported that he has started a campaign against Proposition B, which would expand the city’s police power through future tax […]

NY Republicans propose legislation to reverse ‘sanctuary’ laws to enable cooperation with ICE

Recently, minority Republicans in the New York State Assembly proposed bill That would effectively overturn the state’s and New York City’s “sanctuary” policies. If passed, the repeal would allow local law enforcement to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The law is S.8533/A.9167is sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, House Republican Leader Will […]

19 more states are considering assisted suicide legislation

Assisted suicide continues to permeate the United States and beyond, with nearly 20 states considering legislation regarding assisted suicide. Nine states currently have federally legalized medically assisted suicide; montana supreme court The judgment declared that it was not contrary to public order or illegal. California, Colorado, Washington DC, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, […]

Australia Passes ‘Right to Disconnect’ Legislation for Work-Life Balance

The Australian government has passed new legislation giving workers the “right to disconnect” from work communications outside of working hours, with the aim of helping employees maintain a healthier work-life balance. of seattle times report Australia has become one of the first countries to pass comprehensive “right to disconnect” laws that make it illegal for […]

Senate releases long-awaited border legislation, major asylum changes

Senate negotiators on Sunday released the long-awaited border agreement text, which lawmakers have been negotiating with White House officials since December, and includes key reforms, including crackdowns on asylum and parole. . A bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Sens. James Lankford, Krysten Sinema and Chris Murphy, are in talks to forge a deal with White […]

East Palestine anniversary calls for careful attention, not rushed legislation

One year ago today, a tragic train accident in East Palestine, Ohio shocked the nation. Thousands of gallons of hazardous materials were dumped into the environment and subjected to controlled combustion at the direction of the EPA. Surprisingly, there were no human casualties as a result of the accident itself. At least so far, there […]

IN legislation could hold back thousands of third graders who can’t read

Indiana lawmakers are trying to address the state’s declining literacy rates, with a particular focus on early elementary school students. A sweeping bill proposed by state senators would potentially hold third-graders who fail the state’s reading exam. State Sen. Linda Rogers, the bill’s author, said preservation is intended as a last resort after all other […]

Kentucky senator proposes legislation to expand school bus fleets

The bill, introduced by Democratic Sen. David Yates, aims to address issues with Kentucky’s school transportation system. The proposed bill would allow district-owned and district-leased vehicles to transport students to and from school and approved activities. It would establish safety standards and training requirements for drivers, including background checks and driving record reviews. A bill […]


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