‘No primary, no legitimate president’: Actor James Van Der Beek calls out Democrats for not holding primary debates, calls them ‘back room’ decision-makers

On Memorial Day, actor James Van Der Beek criticized the Democratic Party’s decision not to sponsor debates in election primaries. 46 years old who appeared in such as.Dawson’s Creek“” and “Meet Your Mom” ​​were posted viral TikTok video It denounces Democratic officials for not sponsoring the debate and downplays those who “will die to defend […]

British Politicians Are Now Legitimate Military Targets, Threatens Kremlin

A prominent Kremlin figure speaks to the threat of state-sponsored terrorism over Britain’s involvement in Ukraine’s aid to Russia’s aggression. British military and civilian officials engaged in supporting Ukraine should be considered “legitimate military targets”, Putin’s close ally Dmitry Medvedev said in a statement to Western powers and those opposing Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. In […]

Joe Biden, 80, Admits His Age ‘a Legitimate Thing’ to Question

President Joe Biden questioned Wednesday night whether he should have started his re-election campaign at the age of 80, telling supporters that four years would be a long time if he won. Speaking at a campaign reception in New York, Mr Biden admitted that his decision to seek re-election at his age was not immediately […]

Biden Admin. Trying to Block Legitimate Oversight on Afghanistan for Political Reasons

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” CNN hosts Briana Keeler and Jake Tupper said the Biden State Department was violating its oversight fundamentals by refusing to release a diplomatic dissent telegram on its withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said the government had blocked the investigation. A real problem to avoid something that hurts them politically. […]

James Clyburn on Joe Biden’s Age: ‘It’s a Legitimate Concern’

Rep. James Cliburn (D-SC), who co-chairs President Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign, said the president’s age is a “legitimate concern.” Cliburn reportedly regularly speaks with the president and has been credited with helping Biden win his party’s primary in the 2020 presidential election.Biden’s endorsement in primaries finally helped After suffering multiple initial condition losses, he […]

Alito: ‘Legitimate doubts’ Biden admin would have obeyed unfavorable abortion pill ruling 

Justice Samuel Alito opposed the Supreme Court’s order to suspend the enforcement of the mifepristone limit, saying he had “justifiable suspicions” that the Biden administration followed the court’s decision. “Here the government has not dispelled justifiable suspicion that it would even comply with adverse orders in these cases. The High Court on Friday granted requests […]