A Sharp Lesson from Israel is a Setback for China

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. This is bad news for China, as U.S. technology has made significant gains against Iranian-backed threats in the Red Sea region. As you may know, the US Navy destroyer USS Carney was in the news again on Sunday when it shot down a drone launched by Yemen's […]

Why doesn’t vodka freeze? Here’s a science lesson about the spirit

If you put wine or beer in the freezer, it will solidify within a few hours. But if you keep vodka in your home freezer, it won’t freeze for weeks or even months. So whether you’re blending vodka and fruit juice to make favorites like the Screwdriver, making a vodka martini, or mixing up a […]

Arizona students allegedly bombarded with Hamas ‘propaganda’ in lesson claiming ‘terrorist’ is offensive term

Arizona’s superintendent of schools has ordered all school districts in the state to join Amnesty International USA and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) after high school clubs affiliated with the organization’s education division suspended their activities. It warns against using information or collaborating with the Education Department of the Children’s Fund (UNICEF). He claimed […]