Veronica Youngblood’s ex says she used slain daughters as leverage

A Virginia mother was sentenced Saturday to nearly 80 years in prison for shooting her two daughters to death after slipping them melatonin gummy bears when she could no longer use them as “leverage” against her ex-husband. It was announced on . Ron Youngblood was sentenced Friday to 78 years in prison by his ex-wife, […]

As Shutdown Looms, Questions Mount About How Much Leverage GOP Holds

House Republicans have so far failed in their efforts to push through government funding measures that play to the influence of the party that controls just one-third of the government, and in September With the 30th deadline just days away, several conservative leaders are concerned. Republicans could have blown it. All in all, House Republicans […]

Executives Trained Workers to Avoid Words Like ‘Leverage’ that Imply Monopoly Power

The Department of Justice submitted more evidence. US vs. Google, The biggest antitrust case in decades showed that Google trained its employees to avoid words and phrases that made the company “appear to be a monopoly.” Justice Department attorney Kenneth Dinzer said Google not only covered its tracks by automatically deleting four years of internal […]

Feds could use Hunter Biden’s gun charge to ‘leverage’ plea deal

Prosecutors have used the prospect of indicting Hunter Biden on firearms charges to “exploit” the new plea deal, including potential tax charges and an investigation into his scandal-stricken eldest son’s overseas dealings. could resolve the legal issues of the law firm, an expert told the Post. The David Weiss Special Counsel’s office will on Wednesday […]

House Conservatives Press GOP to Use Leverage in Spending Negotiations

House GOP pressures Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R, CA) and his colleagues to use the power of the Congressional wallet to stop the Biden administration’s radical excesses and advance priorities such as border security. As the call continues, the Senate is united in the support of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). To promote government spending laws. […]

AWS looks to help small and medium businesses leverage AI tools

FOX Business host Charles Payne provides insight into buying Amazon and Apple stock at the Big Money Show. Improved accessibility and refinement Artificial intelligence (AI) These tools make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to reap the benefits of technology that has long been largely the domain of large enterprises. Ben Schreiner, Head […]

Biden campaign, DNC to leverage GOP debate for massive political messaging operation

The Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee plan to highlight the contrast between the president’s policies and the “MAGA Republican Party” ahead of next week’s first Republican primary debate. Fox News will host the first Republican presidential primary debate in Milwaukee on August 23rd. The debate will begin at 9:00 pm ET. These Republicans […]

Don’t give away our leverage to fix Penn Station, once and for all

A decade ago, the city council criticized James Dolan’s Madison Square Garden and its owners when a previous generation of city planners mistakenly thought it was dangerous to squash it over Pennsylvania Station. gave 10 years to relocate or settle any problems that arose in good idea. However, the people who run the gardens have […]

Hunter Biden used Joe as leverage in China biz deal: Text

Eldest son Hunter Biden warned Chinese business people in 2017 Email His father, Joe, and his political allies believe he “will regret not following my instructions” when negotiating a six-figure deal. A July 30, 2017 WhatsApp letter from Hunter to Henry Chao was revealed by IRS Supervisor Gary Shapley before the House Ways and Means […]


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