SOL, LINK, NEAR and THETA flash bullish as Bitcoin takes a breather – Cointelegraph

Bitcoin (BTC) has been consolidating above $35,000 for the past few days, but bulls have been unable to resume the uptrend above $38,000. This suggests reluctance to buy at higher levels. BitGo CEO Mike Belshe said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund application will likely be rejected again before […]

Biden Announces Request For Congress To Link Ukraine Funding With Israel

President Joe Biden announced in a speech from the Oval Office Thursday night that he will ask Congress to pass an emergency budget request to provide funding for Ukraine and Israel. Biden addressed the nation after returning from a visit to Israel and reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the country, which is at war […]

Chainlink (LINK) Displays Interesting Q3 Growth Trends: See What Data Says – U.Today

godfrey benjamin Chainlink records second consecutive quarterly growth as utility acceptance expands Read U.TODAY google news Chainlink (LINK) is surprisingly dragging its feet today, as the broader digital currency is all aimed at settling September in stellar banknotes.The chain link is still the same change hands The price is $8.18, up 6.24% in the last […]

Study finds link between drinking some diet soda during pregnancy and autism in boys

Austin (Kusan) – A team of researchers found a link between a boy’s autism diagnosis and his mother drinking at least one diet soda every day or consuming the same amount of the sweetener aspartame during pregnancy or breastfeeding. He said he observed a relationship. new research. In the study, researchers at the University of […]

Google Accused Of Suppressing Rumble’s RNC Presidential Debate Link: REPORT

Google restricted viewing of the Rumble livestream during the first Republican National Committee (RNC) presidential debate in August, The Intercept reported. When a Google representative asked about plans to live stream the RNC during the debate, the committee told the tech giant that Rumble, a Google-owned YouTube video competitor, held exclusive rights to it. Ta. […]

Goldman says there’s ‘no evidence to link to Joe Biden’ on impeachment inquiry

Rep. Dan Goldman (N.Y.) said Tuesday that President Biden and his family will be arrested after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) directed his committees to launch an impeachment inquiry into the president. He claimed that there was no connection between him and the business. “Well, just to continue to point out the facts and the […]


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