JASON ISAAC: Joe Biden’s Energy Policies Are A Train Wreck — Literally

Just weeks after the toxic shipwreck in East Palestine, Ohio, another massive train derailment occurred in West Virginia. 12 such accidents will occur in 2023 —Many people wonder if train accidents are on the rise. More train derailments since Biden took officeone of the surprising contributors is the government’s energy policy. Biden’s energy policy could […]

Woke colleges are literally driving students mad

Whom the gods destroy, they go mad first, as the old saying goes. I mean, they must hate elite educational institutions. many. Consider what happened last week at Stanford Law School. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Judge Kyle Duncan, was invited to speak by a chapter of the Federalist Society. He was […]

Adidas could ‘literally burn’ $500M in unsold ‘Yeezy’ apparel: report

Adidas could be forced to burn $500 million worth of Yeezy sneakers after hastily severing ties with rapper Kanye West over anti-Semitic remarks last year. The German sportswear giant leaves little choice but to the Yeezy brand, a once-popular and profitable segment of its business that was irrevocably tainted during West’s high-profile meltdown. not. If […]

Texas mom says son’s body left to ‘literally rot’ by funeral home

According to a lawsuit obtained by The Washington Post, a Texas mother shunned a funeral home for 100 after she claimed the facility “literally putrefied” her son’s body, causing an unbearable odor and a loved one vomiting during the funeral. It’s suing for millions of dollars. Following Silva’s sudden death in 2021, Edward Silva, 43, […]