Knicks’ Julius Randle rejects load management: ‘Own science’

BOSTON — Julius Randle is an exception in the modern NBA. An all-star who never rests. Someone who records heavy times and treats the idea of ​​load management like a nasty defender who refuses the ball. He notices that star players across the league are resting, and Randall hears the strategy behind it. It’s not […]

Charles Barkley goes off on load management, ‘paying bums’ $300M

Charles Barkley believes NBA teams are “wasting money” while the league grapples with “huge” load management problems. The “Inside the NBA” co-host spoke out on the issue during an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” on Monday, saying the NBA is giving “everyone” millions of dollars like candy. explained. “This is a big problem,” Berkeley told […]