Double-murderer remains on the loose following Ohio prison break: ‘Lock your doors’

A dangerous killer is still at large after a prison breakout in Ohio earlier this week. At 11 a.m. Tuesday, officials said Allen/Oakwood Correctional Facility An investigation into the number of prisoners in Lima, Ohio, found 47-year-old James Lee, convicted of robbery, burglary, safe-breaking and judicial sanctions, missing. Authorities then tracked down a second “emergency […]

Convicted killer Bradley Gillespie on the loose in Ohio after prison escape

A murderer convicted of a gruesome double murder in 2016 is on the run after breaking out of prison in Ohio on Monday. Residents have been urged to lock their doors. Bradley Gillespie, 50, was last seen on surveillance footage at the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution (AOCI) in Lima around 8:41 am on Monday. The […]

New dad dies after loose tire slams into his windshield on Texas freeway

A new father died after a tire fell through the windshield of an SUV while driving on a Texas highway, reports say. Clayton Vaugh, 21, was sitting in the passenger seat of a KIA SUV on the westbound side of Houston’s Katy Freeway on Thursday when a tire smashed through the windshield. According to ABC13. […]

NYPD chief abused authority by cutting ex-cop loose in gun case

NYPD Chief Jeffrey Madley has been found guilty of abusing power by freeing a former colleague after he was arrested for threatening three teenagers with a gun in Brooklyn. The indictment against NYPD Director Maddrey was confirmed by the Civilian Complaint Review Board. This is what Maddrey determined to have abused his power in nullifying […]

Footage shows loose tire send Kia Soul flying above LA freeway

Kia’s Soul was sent to heaven after an accident in Los Angeles on Thursday. The hatchback’s rise over Highway 118 was ultimately less than enthusiastic, but if the driver managed to get away safely, there may have been some kind of providence to the return to Earth. I can’t. Anoop Catra witnessed Crash was trailing […]

Loose tire sends car flipping in air on California freeway

The dashboard video captures the heart-stopping moment of a freak accident on a busy California highway that left the car in the air after being hit by a loose tire from a pickup truck. The wild scene was recorded by a Tesla dashcam on Chatsworth’s 118 Freeway last Thursday and resembled a chase sequence in […]