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NYC’s Low-Income Neighborhoods Overwhelmed by Migrant Shelters

Low-income New Yorkers are raising alarm bells that Mayor Eric Adams (Democrat) is placing most of the migrant shelters in their already impoverished neighborhoods, siphoning resources meant for Americans in need. New York City is home to a staggering 193 government-run migrant shelters, none of which are in zip codes with the top five median […]

Condoleezza Rice says why school choice would help low-income, minority students

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice He defended the need for school choice in the United States, saying the lack of school freedom primarily harms low-income and minority students. Rice, current director of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, spoke about educational freedom at a democracy-focused fireside chat held June 6 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation […]

NY to require providers offer $15 broadband to low-income customers

New York state may move forward with legislation that would require internet service providers to offer deep discounts to low-income residents, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. The ruling by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan overturns a 2021 lower court ruling that blocked the policy days before it took effect. The law […]

There’s ‘More Distress’ in Low-Income Households, But Households ‘Generally’ in ‘Very Good’ Shape

In an interview with CNBC published Monday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that “some low-income consumers have probably exhausted their savings buffers.”[s] On top of what they’ve been accumulating during the pandemic, we’re seeing a trickle of suffering at the household level. However, despite this, “our economy is good and strong,” “very strong domestic demand” […]

Fast-food companies seeing low-income diners pare orders

Skyrocketing prices at fast-food joints and restaurants in the United States are causing people to fall down the income ladder, with executives at chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s recently raising concerns about losing business from customers with the tightest budgets. He said there was. Polls show that about a quarter of low-income consumers (defined as […]

Urban charter schools bode success for low-income, non-Whites, college enrollment: Report

A new study released Thursday by the University of Michigan shows that urban charter schools bode well for low-income, nonwhite students and college admissions because of certain practices by these institutions. “Individual charters and charter management organizations that have a significant impact on students’ career paths can be thought of as proof of existence. These […]

DC pilot program gives low-income moms $10,800 to get by. One recipient splurged for the high-life: ‘I wanted to have fun’

Washington, D.C., is experimenting with new ways to use taxpayer money for philanthropy. “Strong Families, Strong Futures” is her $1.5 million pilot program that will provide her 10,800 Forked out unconditional payments of dollars. Martha’s Table worked with the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development to facilitate the pilot. shown In the introduction, […]