Luxurious bubble submarine set to take passengers into depths of the sea

Imagine replacing your sundeck with the ocean floor and your horizon with the mystery of the azure sea. This is no longer a pipe dream for wealthy travelers suffering from wanderlust. Triton Submarines redefines luxury travel by offering the first ever his Triton 660/9 AVA to Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours. Click to get the […]

South American heist rings target luxurious homes with help from visa program

Insidious “tourist robbers” are arriving from other parts of the world through visa programs and targeting luxury homes in the United States — some wearing ghillie suits and waiting for the right moment to strike, authorities said. one prosecutor said. he told CNN. Police and prosecutors in various wealthy communities continue to pursue international robbery […]

North Korean elites attend luxurious year-end ceremony with Mercedes S-Class and

The North Korean regime held an expensive meeting of the country's elite this week. The Central Committee of North Korea's Workers' Party gathered in Pyongyang on Tuesday for a general meeting to consider policies for the new year. Officials arrived in a luxurious Mercedes S-Class car, despite a ban on luxury goods in the country. […]

Inside North Korean Leader’s Luxurious, Bulletproof Train

This trip will be Kim’s first overseas visit in more than four years. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia on a luxury armored train from Pyongyang for a summit meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok. The trip will be Kim’s first overseas visit in more than four years and his first […]

Brawl between 4 woman breaks out inside luxurious Vegas hotel

At least four women were caught on camera in a brawl near a poker table at a luxury Las Vegas hotel over the weekend. A woman was dragged from an electric scooter as a security guard inside Encore at Wynn Las Vegas on Sunday night as bystanders tried to break up a large-scale fight. The […]