FACT CHECK: Did A French Satirical Magazine Depict Ukrainian Troops Crossing The River Styx?

post shared on social media The French satirical magazine Courier International claims to have published a cover featuring Ukrainian forces crossing the River Styx. “Ukrainian counterattack on the Styx” – French magazine Courier International “Zelensky, Zaruzhini, Tantura, and Thirsky counterattacked…– Continue the phrase in comments. ” — Trollstoy (@Trollstoy88) May 24, 2023 This image […]

Country Star Maren Morris Promotes Billboard Magazine Drag Cover

Country singer Maren Morris took to social media Wednesday to say, signboard She graced the cover of a magazine and told her 1.6 million Instagram followers, “Happy Pride Month, everyone.” “Don’t hold back, just… be king? Happy Pride Month everyone,” Morris wrote in an Instagram caption. Morris is just one of many celebrities dressing up […]

GLAMOUR UK Magazine Ripped over ‘Mentally Deluded’ Cover Featuring ‘Trans Pregnant Man’

Women’s magazine GLAMOUR UK has featured ‘pregnant transgender men’, meaning pregnant women who identify as biologically male, on the cover of their latest issue honoring ‘Pride’. facing backlash. The UK edition of GLAMOUR Magazine, famous for covering fashion, beauty and women’s health topics and featuring influential women from various industries, Spotlight Trans activist Logan Brown […]

Glamour Magazine Puts Pregnant Transgender ‘Man’ on June Cover for Pride Month

British version of GlamourIn honor of Pride Month, the women’s fashion magazine put a pregnant transgender “man” on the cover of its June issue. Logan Brown is biologically female, but currently identifies as a “male”. As Glamour To tell Its cover story says that Brown was unexpectedly pregnant by her partner Bailey J. Mills, a […]

Fashion magazine cover featuring pregnant transgender man Logan Brown sparks outrage

On Thursday, a topless pregnant transgender man graced the cover of Glamor UK’s June issue, provoking an outcry from online critics. Logan Brown, a 27-year-old author who was born female but now identifies as a transgender man, wore a painted suit on the cover of the digital issue of British Glamor magazine in celebration of […]

New York Magazine Admits Mass Immigration Is ‘Bad for Housing Prices’

new york magazine He admitted this week that mass immigration to the U.S. actually “has a negative impact on housing prices” for Americans looking for affordable single-family homes. After years of research, left-wing publications have confirmed this. It is shown In addition to the millions of illegal immigrants, the country welcomes more than a million […]

Evolutionary biologist shuts down science magazine editor for using a bird to push far-left gender narrative

Evolutionary biologists on Wednesday fired the editor of a prominent scientific journal for trying to use birds to promote far-left gender ideology. Laura Hellmuth, editor-in-chief of the prestigious Scientific American magazine, cited the white-throated sparrow, a small North American bird, as evidence that biological sex is not binary. “White-throated sparrows have four chromosomally distinct sexes […]

NY Magazine Admits Democrat-Run San Francisco’s Doom Loop Is Real

far-left journalist new york magazine She admits to trying to disprove all of this “doom loop” stories about Democratic-run San Francisco. Instead she discovered Democratic San Francisco is in a loop of doom: Note to San Francisco Citizens: Sorry. know. The East Coast newspapers are constantly running stories about how our city is dying. San […]

Disney Layoffs Wipe Out Jobs at National Geographic Magazine

The awakened Disney company not only owns radio, television and film properties, but also some giants of the publishing industry. , attacking a 135-year-old employee. national geographic magazine. according to of the Washington Post Eric Wemple, Disney’s cost-cutting campaign hit staff national geographic It’s been particularly tough just over a month after announcing plans to […]