Alex Murdaugh to be deposed in Mallory Beach death suit

Convicted of two murders and disgraced scion, Alex Murdau faces questioning once again – this time about the hand of his son Paul in the death of teenage Mallory Beach. . On Monday, a South Carolina judge told the state Department of Corrections to “take a deposition on defendant Alex Murdau” in the 2019 wrongful […]

Mallory and Dansby Swanson are ultimate athlete power couple

The timing was hardly right for Chicago Red Stars forward Mallory Pugh and Cubs shortstop Dansby Swanson. Before saying “I’ll do it” in a lavish December ceremony, the sports-powered couple couldn’t land on their wedding day due to their hectic schedules. In the months leading up to the wedding, Swanson, 29, went on to become […]

Father of Paul Murdaugh boat crash victim Mallory Beach: ‘Justice has been served’

The father of the young woman who died in a drunken boating accident of Alex Murdau’s son reportedly said in court Friday that the once-influential South Carolina legal family “justice will be served.” Before declaring that, he scolded him. Philip Beach, whose daughter Mallory was killed when Murdau’s son Paul crashed the boat he was […]

Death of Murdaugh boat crash victim Mallory Beach in spotlight at double murder trial

Walterboro, South Carolina – The Murdau family received special treatment at the crime scene after Paul Murdau drunkenly crashed his boat into a bridge in 2019, killing 19-year-old passenger Mallory Beach, a lawyer testified Monday. The victim’s distraught mother, Lenny Beach, wanted to go to the Archer Creek Bridge in Beaufort, South Carolina, where the […]