Mandatory water restrictions lifted for 7 million in Southern California following winter storms

A series of atmospheric rivers flooded California with rain, bringing respite to nearly 7 million people in Southern California. Restrictions on water use were lifted after rain belts eased drought conditions. Southern California’s Metropolitan Water District announced on wednesday It said it was lifting emergency water restrictions for dozens of communities after imposing such restrictions […]

Parents incensed by ‘mandatory’ high school assembly featuring students performing in drag

Parents of students exposed to mandatory drag shows performed by classmates are demanding transparency and accountability. outlet report. “They knew some parents wouldn’t support this, so they embraced it under the guise of ‘culture,’” said parent Amy. Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Directors March 7th. Amy and other parents reportedly asked KOVR not […]

Top Maine elections official testifies against mandatory voter ID

Maine election officials testified Monday against a bill requiring voters to show photo ID when casting ballots, saying it was unnecessary and would reduce voter participation. Maine already requires proof of identity when registering to vote, and requiring residents to present certain IDs again would increase costs, complexity, and consequences, alienating eligible voters. When it […]