Bizarre crimes of 2023 include thief who left marbles and poultry-wielding woman

Stolen 17-inch Bigfoot statue (or maybe traded for marbles) and chicken handler allegedly hitting her boyfriend with a chicken are among the most disturbing crimes of 2023 was. In Glendale, Wisconsin, police officers chasing a stolen car handcuffed a suspect covered in feces and urine and hid from officers in a bathroom. Another man sprinted […]

Have the Republicans lost their marbles?

Perhaps the stupidest thing I've ever seen a Republican do in my long life was voting to expel former Rep. George Santos (R.N.Y.) from the party. There is no need to praise Santos' character or excuse his fraud, or recognize that he, like many Democrats remaining in Congress, was as worthy of his previous office. […]

Diplomatic spat over the Parthenon Marbles scuttles meeting of British and Greek leaders

LONDON (AP) – Diplomatic skirmishes broke out between Greece and Britain on Monday after Britain canceled a planned meeting between the two leaders, with the Greek prime minister saying the He accused the British Prime Minister of trying to avoid a discussion about marble. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in London and was scheduled […]