Vince McMahon sexually preyed on wrestler Ashley Massaro, who killed herself: report

According to a shocking report, a WWE star claimed Vince McMahon preyed on female wrestlers and ruined their careers after she turned down his advances in an affidavit shortly before committing suicide. Ashley Massaro, who accused the disgraced wrestling mogul and other WWE executives of covering up a rape allegation at a Kuwait military base […]

Co-defendant John Laurinaitis also a Vince McMahon ‘victim’: lawyer

Vince McMahon’s co-defendant in a shocking civil sex trafficking lawsuit is now claiming to also be the victim of McMahon’s actions in a shocking turn against the former WWE captain. John Laurinaitis, WWE’s former head of talent relations and a fellow defendant in a lawsuit brought by former WWE employee Janelle Grant, was allegedly recruited […]

Ex-WWE honcho Vince McMahon under federal probe over sex-trafficking allegations

WWE co-founder Vince McMahon is under federal investigation for sexual assault and sex trafficking, according to reports. New York prosecutors are in contact with McMahon’s alleged victims and others familiar with the investigation. told the Wall Street Journal. McMahon resigned from WWE last week after former employee Janelle Grant filed a lawsuit accusing her of […]

Bears Super Bowl Champ Jim McMahon Slams Biden on Border Crisis, Pushes Cannabis

Former Chicago Bears Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon has slammed the Biden administration for its dismal failure on immigration, promoted his cannabis company, and even said in a recent Fox News interview that he will someday become president. He even hinted that he might run for office. McMahon, known as “Punky QB” during the Bears’ […]

Vince McMahon exiting WWE in disgrace is exactly what he deserves

The Post’s Joseph Staszewski explores the world of professional wrestling every Tuesday in his column “Post Match Angle.”. Vince McMahon has finally left WWE, leaving behind a well-deserved disgrace. The longtime WWE promoter has finally run out of power to save himself and can no longer hide behind the millions of dollars he paid out […]

Nikki and Brie Garcia react to sexual assault claims against Vince McMahon, stepdad

Nikki and Brie Garcia have publicly commented for the first time on the sexual assault allegations against former WWE manager Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, the former wrestler’s stepfather and head of talent relations. Former WWE employee Janelle Grant filed a federal lawsuit in Connecticut last week accusing McMahon of having traumatic sex with her […]

Vince McMahon sex abuse ‘in its own class,’ accusers lawyer claims

A lawyer representing a former WWE employee who claims she was sexually abused and trafficked by Vince McMahon says the “degradation” her client has endured over the years is “exceptional.” Anne Callis, the attorney for former WWE staffer Janelle Grant, who previously worked for nine years as a felony judge overseeing murder and sexual assault […]


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