Freedom Caucus Opposes Stop-Gap Spending Bill: No ‘Meaningful’ Wins

The House Freedom Caucus said in a statement Tuesday that it opposes the stopgap spending bill, which does not include border security or spending cuts. “The House Freedom Caucus opposes the proposed “clean” continuing resolution because it includes no spending cuts or border security and represents a meaningful victory for the American people. “This is […]

Lions’ Aidan Hutchinson honors Veterans Day with meaningful partnership

detroit lions Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson always carries a piece of his great-grandfather’s memory with him. “We carry his dog tags with us everywhere we go,” the Michigan celebrity told Fox News Digital about his great-grandfather Joseph Bernardi. Second World War Army ranger. Aidan Hutchinson, 97, of the Detroit Lions rushes a passer during a […]

Meaningful ways to celebrate US heroes on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an important national holiday in the United States, celebrated on November 11th each year. This day is an opportunity to express our gratitude and honor the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. military. This day celebrates their sacrifice, courage, and dedication in defending our freedoms. Let’s explore different […]

57 Staffers Killed In Gaza, Need “Meaningful And Uninterrupted” Aid: UN

Israeli airstrikes kill more than 7,000 people in Gaza Strip Jerusalem, undefined: The United Nations said on Friday that “uninterrupted” aid is needed in the Gaza Strip following nearly three weeks of shelling by Israel in retaliation for this month’s Hamas offensive that triggered a humanitarian crisis in the besieged Palestinian territory. Ta. Philippe Lazzarini, […]

Jets appear set to play meaningful football this winter

The Jets are still alive and well enjoying their bye week. Things weren’t looking great for the Jets a few weeks ago, but they’ve managed to stabilize things. They won their final two games and entered the bye week with a 3-3 record, achieving the record they would have signed for at the beginning of […]

Church uses ChatGPT AI for ‘meaningful’ Sunday morning worship

Need to teach the Holy Trinity? Just use ChatGPT. Two Sundays ago, a Methodist church in North Austin, Texas, turned to such technology as an “unconventional” way to teach good books along with the influence of artificial intelligence. Pastor Jay Cooper of Violet Crown City Church played with the language learning model to do the […]

Jayapal says debt ceiling deal shows GOP doesn’t care about deficits: ‘No meaningful deficit reduction’

Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairman Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat, on Tuesday rejected House Republicans’ declaration of victory over the new debt limit bill, calling the deal between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy “meaningful.” He told reporters there was no “debt reduction”. R-California “First of all, you heard me say that the Republicans don’t care […]