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Woke medicine KILLS: 10 examples DEI public health crisis

The left’s woke agenda is full of false public health crises like racism, climate change, and inaccessible “gender-affirming care.” but, genuine There is a public health crisis at hand, and it goes by the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI, which Glenn Beck calls a “sick cancer,” is “invading our medical schools, our physicians, […]

Daily Caller Columnist Mary Rooke Rips Big Medicine Over COVID Profiteering

Daily Caller columnist Mary Luke on her talk radio show on Wednesday squarely rejected Big Pharma’s “commercial” motives and detailed the importance of the station’s new documentary, “SICK: Unmasking Big Medicine.” Luke appears on “The Joe Paggs Show” and is behind the new documentary “SICK,” which delves into the layers and motivations of America’s medical […]

NHS Report Finds Child Trans ‘Medicine’ Built on ‘Shaky Foundations’

Evidence to help children change their gender, including ‘social transition’ and hormone blockers, is built on ‘shaky foundations’, a major review of the practices of leading UK pediatricians has found. . The long-awaited Cass report into how the tax-funded NHS treats children who believe they are transgender has been published, with hormones no longer available […]

Daily Caller’s ‘SICK’ Reveals Just How Much Money Big Medicine Made From COVID

Do doctors even have an incentive to cure you? “Not really,” said holistic physician Charlie Fagenholtz, just one of the medical professionals The Daily Caller sat down with as part of our latest documentary, “SICK: Unmasking Big Medicine.” “SICK” exposes the true incentives at play. The Daily Caller’s investigative teams uncovered how Big Medicine has […]

NYU doctor who died at Disney went into medicine because of food allergy

A NYU Langone doctor who died of a severe allergic reaction after eating at a Disney Springs restaurant was motivated to pursue a career in medicine because of his life-threatening condition, and also , religiously carried an EpiPen. Kanokporn “Amy” Tansuan was so cautious about what she ate that she took pains to remind restaurant […]