UPenn president’s fate hangs in balance as angry board convenes for emergency meeting

Following University of Pennsylvania President Liz McGill's damning Congressional testimony on anti-Semitism this week, criticism from the university's donors, members of both parties, alumni, and Jewish groups is mounting, and her job is increasingly threatened. At risk. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Penn State Board of Regents will meet Sunday at 5 p.m., and […]

Sean McDermott cited 9/11 attackers in 2019 Bills meeting

Bills head coach Sean McDermott came under fire Thursday after it was reported that he used the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to try to motivate players during a 2019 training camp meeting. is increasing. According to Go Long, a Substack publication run by Tyler Dunn.. The anecdote is included in a scathing three-part 20,000-word […]

White House offers meeting with House GOP over subpoena standoff in Biden probe

First appearance on Fox: The White House has offered to meet with House Republicans to discuss subpoenaing former President Donald Trump's general counsel Dana Remus, but her testimony would violate executive branch interests and violate President Biden's secrets. The move suggests the ongoing special counsel investigation into allegations of improper record-keeping could be threatened. Fox […]

Anti-Semitic sparks fly at Sun Devil Student Union meeting

Anti-Semitism continues to grow in American universities. Student government meetings at Arizona State University are the latest example of this increase, with pro-Israel and Jewish students requiring police escorts as they leave the school. One of the students heckled the pro-Israel students was seen wearing a shirt that read “Phoenix Marxist School Sponsored by the […]

Freed hostages, relatives slam Netanyahu in heated meeting

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced harsh criticism during a wartime cabinet meeting from released hostages and relatives of those still held captive by Hamas, according to leaked audio from the heated event. A recording of Tuesday’s meeting revealed that the freed hostages had felt abandoned by the government during their weeks of captivity in […]

Speaker Johnson hits back at House GOP critics in closed-door meeting

First appearance on Fox: House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) hit back at critics within the Republican conference during a closed session of lawmakers Tuesday morning. Three people who were present told Fox News Digital that Johnson said something to the effect of, “You shouldn’t go out and tackle the quarterback before the play starts.” . […]

Blue Jays have Shohei Ohtani meeting in MLB free-agency twist

The Blue Jays are apparently a more serious candidate for Shohei Ohtani than originally thought. Blue Jays officials reported as follows. I met a Japanese superstar on Monday night. at the team’s spring training facility in Dunedin, Fla., far from baseball’s home base of Nashville for winter meetings. According to reports, Ohtani is believed to […]