El Salvador’s mega-prison receives another 2,000 suspected gang members

Another 2,000 suspected gang members have been transferred to El Salvador’s revered mega prison, the country’s president announced Wednesday, releasing further footage of the “impossible to escape” facility. The new arrivals join another 2,000 accused gangs who landed at a new terror detention center last month as El Salvador looks to emerge victorious in its […]

Colombia Ex-Guerrilla President Starts Feud with El Salvador, Calling Gang Mega-Prison a ‘Concentration Camp’

Far-left Colombian President Gustavo Petro and El Salvadoran President Naïve Bukele clashed on Wednesday after Petro, a former member of the Marxist terrorism guerrillas, called Bukele’s “huge prison” a “concentration camp”. bottom. Bukele announced On Friday, the first 2,000 inmates were transferred to El Salvador’s new 40,000-bed ‘mega prison’ at the Center for Containment of […]

El Salvador unveils new mega-prison

Chilling photos show the first hardcore gangbangers moved to El Salvador’s new mega prison, where President Naive Bukele boasts that it’s “impossible to escape.” Snaps from the inside of a terrorist detention center built by Salvadoran officials desperate to win the war against violent street gangs are heavily tattooed as heavily armed guards tower above […]


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