Students Submitted 22 Million Papers Written by AI Last Year

Last year, students submitted more than 22 million papers that may have been written by AI tools, according to new data published by Turnitin, a software service that checks papers for plagiarism. Turnitin says its plagiarism detection tools have uncovered millions of papers that may contain large amounts of AI-generated content. report by wired. Last […]

JACKSON: Can California Really Power 25 Million Homes Via Offshore Wind Farms By 2045?

There are currently no offshore wind turbines in California. To build enough of an uncontroversial experiment, the state will need to do something it hasn’t done in decades: complete a major public works project. The 20th century “we make it” mentality of the nation continues to clash violently with 21st century reality. There, grand plans […]

Chiefs Fan Ordered To Pay Over $10 Million For Assaulting Bank Teller During Robbery

A Kansas City Chiefs superfan known as the “Chiefs Aholic” was ordered to pay $10.8 million for assaulting a bank teller during a robbery, the Associated Press reported Tuesday. Xavier Bubdar, 29, gained notoriety for his elaborate Chiefs-themed wolf costume at NFL games, but now faces a high price tag for his actions in a […]

US announces $138 million in sales to bolster Ukraine’s HAWK air defense system

The U.S. State Department announced Tuesday that it has authorized an emergency $138 million foreign military sale to Ukraine for repairs to the Hawk missile system. “Ukraine has an urgent need to strengthen its ability to defend against Russian missile attacks and Russian military aviation capabilities. Maintaining and sustaining the Hawk missile system will protect […]

Former TV sheriff Jamey Noel accused of stealing $5 million

A former reality TV sheriff and volunteer firefighter in Indiana is facing numerous felonies for allegedly stealing at least $5 million in taxpayer money and using it to pay for vacations, luxury cars and even child support. There is. Jamie Noel, 52, who appeared on the A&E show “60 Days In” in 2016 and 2017, […]

Norfolk Southern agrees to $600 million settlement for East Palestine train derailment

Norfolk Southern Railroad CEO Alan Shaw speaks on “Cramman Countdown” about new NTSB investigation revealing train inspection shortcuts and “missed detector warnings” led to East Palestine train crash Reacted to the results. The company whose freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio last year, causing a massive chemical spill, has reached a $600 million settlement […]

Norfolk Southern reaches $600 million settlement in East Palestine derailment lawsuit

Norfolk Southern announced on Tuesday that it reached a $600 million settlement in a class action lawsuit over the toxic train derailment near East Palestine, Ohio, last year. The company announced the settlement had been agreed to in principle and still required approval from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. The […]

Norfolk Southern Reaches $600 Million Settlement With East Palestine Train Derailment Victims

Railroad company Norfolk Southern has reached a $600 million settlement with victims of the February 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, according to a press release issued Tuesday. On February 3, 2023, a south Norfolk train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed near East Palestine, releasing the chemicals into the surrounding area and causing the evacuation […]


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