Alito Is ‘Unfit to Serve,’ At a Minimum He Must Recuse from All Trump Cases

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said on MSNBC’s “All In” on Wednesday that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is “unfit for office” and should recuse himself from a case involving former President Donald Trump while discussing reports about the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, which has an upside-down American flag flying at his residence. Anchor Chris Hayes […]

Arizona’s Minimum Wage Could Be $18 Per Hour Soon

Arizona’s minimum wage was $13.85 in 2023, up from $12.80 per hour in 2022. On January 1, 2024, minimum wage in State 48 will be raised another 50 cents to $14.35 per hour. This increase will happen despite the fact that Arizona’s inflation rate in 2023 was lower than the national average. That’s because Arizona is […]

Here’s what minimum wage would be if it kept up with inflation

(NEXSTAR) – The federal minimum wage has remained unchanged for 15 years, although the minimum wage has been raised to $17 in some areas. The last time it changed was in 2009, when it went from $6.55 to $7.25. Since 2009, we’ve experienced economic booms and busts, a global pandemic, and sky-high inflation, but the […]

$15 minimum wage inches closer to appearing on ballot

Missouri voters on Wednesday moved one step closer to deciding whether to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. The organization supporting the initiative announced that it has collected nearly twice the number of signatures needed. The ballot measure supported by Missouri Jobs with Justice would raise the minimum wage from the current […]

Minneapolis ordinance imposes highest minimum cigarette price in America

Smokers in Minneapolis will pay some of the highest cigarette prices in the country after the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously Thursday to impose a minimum retail price of $15 per pack to promote public health. Become. This ordinance does more than just set minimum prices. It prevents smokers and retailers from getting around this […]

Uber, Lyft to stay in Minneapolis until July as minimum wage hike delayed

Uber and Lyft postponed plans to exit Minneapolis on May 1 after the City Council delayed the effective date of the minimum wage increase by two months. Minneapolis City Council unanimously passes It was announced at Thursday’s meeting that the minimum hourly wage increase would be extended until July 1. CNN. The delay will give […]

CA Eatery Franchisee Hurries to Install Kiosks as $20 Minimum Wage Hits

Harsh Ghai, a major fast food franchise in California, is rushing to install kiosks in its restaurants to cut costs as the $20 minimum wage impacts businesses. Guy owns about 180 fast-food restaurants in the state, including Burger King, Taco Bell and Popeyes, Business Insider report Friday. “We have kiosks in all of our restaurants,” […]

Consumers Make Minimum Credit Card Payments as Inflation Takes a Bite –

In a sign of the continued pressure of the paycheck-to-paycheck economy, more consumers are making only minimum payments on their credit cards. And the debt on those cards is increasing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to strike a balance between staying in credit card debt and falling into delinquency, so to speak. Delinquency is increasing. According […]