SZABO: Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Is Back, But With New Branding

as a special prosecutor Reported by John Durham Following the release of a statement about the FBI’s disinformation campaign about Russia and President Trump, President Biden steps up his efforts to control speech online.Just a year before him, Biden’s team Disinformation Control Committee. Unfortunately, despite the failure, it sparked a Biden trend, with multiple similar […]

China’s Repressive Public Security Ministry Posts Blackface ‘Road Safety’ Video

China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) posted a video on its official Weibo page, China’s largest regime-controlled social media site, featuring a Chinese dancer dressed as an Indian with brown face paint and a turban. has been published. The video, which reportedly contains a message urging drivers to drive safely on Chinese roads, also featured […]

Country star Granger Smith gives up music to join ministry

Country singer Granger Smith has announced that he is trading music for a different career path. The hitmaker of “Back Road Song” told fans that he’s joining the ministry. “I just want to give glory to God in the best possible way,” he said. wrote on Instagram Tuesday. “I want to learn, grow, serve my […]

Granger Smith is leaving country music to pursue ministry

Country music artist Granger Smith announced He is ending his music career to pursue ministry. Smith explained that he “felt a strong desire to pursue ministry” and that he and his family would serve the local church. and said, “The Lord willing, one day, can affirm me to the next step of how I look […]

AG pushes state level ‘Ministry of Truth’ critics say could jail conservatives who express mainstream views

The state attorney general is pushing a bill that some critics say could punish outspoken conservatives as domestic extremists. KTTH‘s Jason Lantz reported on Wednesday. “Some conservative views, or whatever [Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson] What is considered ‘misinformation’ is an example of ‘domestic extremism,’” Lantz said. This is “the most dangerous piece of […]