‘Heartbroken’ Aubrey O’Day reveals she suffered a miscarriage

Aubrey O’Day is ‘heartbroken’ after experiencing a miscarriage. Former member of Danity Kane I told E!news On Monday, she first said she “blamed” herself for her recent miscarriage. “There were moments where I internalized what happened…but luckily I realized there was only one seat at the table,” said the 39-year-old singer. News broke in January […]

Alex Murdaugh lawyer calls trial a ‘miscarriage’ of justice

Lawyer for convicted murderer Alex Murdau says he was ‘shocked’ that the jury delivered a conviction so quickly, calling the final outcome of the sensational trial a ‘miscarriage of justice’. is. “There was six weeks of evidence and very little evidence of an actual murder. No murder weapon. No bloody clothes. No motive for the […]

Jessa Duggar reveals she suffered a miscarriage in emotional video

Jessa Duggar has tragically revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while on vacation. The former reality star shared a heartbreaking video via her YouTube channel On Friday, she detailed the painful loss of her and husband Ben Seewald’s fifth child. In the clip, the “19 Kids and Counting” alum recalled being in the hospital with […]