Russia Claims it Shot Down Two UK-Supplied Storm Shadow Missiles

Russian forces have reportedly shot down two British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles in the past 24 hours, as the Kremlin denounces “Anglo-Saxon” support for the war in Ukraine. Russia’s defense ministry said on Saturday it had shot down two British Storm Shadow cruise missiles launched by Ukrainian forces the day before. Russia’s state-run domestic news […]

Cars Torched, Police Attacked with Missiles as Riots Break Out in Cardiff

On Monday night, a mob stormed police and set a car on fire after unrest erupted on the outskirts of Cardiff following suspicions that police were responsible for the deaths of two teenage boys in an electric bicycle accident. In the Ely suburb of the Welsh capital Cardiff, police are involved in the pursuit that […]

Ukraine Says it Shot Down 29 of 30 Missiles in ‘Unprecedented’ Barrage

Ukraine endured another night of heavy bombardment, with more than 30 missiles and drones reportedly targeting cities across the country in an “unprecedented” intensity of airstrikes. A Kiev city spokesman said “a series of air raids on Kiev, unprecedented in power, intensity and diversity” took place overnight and into Thursday morning, with the Ukrainian government […]

Ukraine says 18 missiles aimed at Kyiv shot down

Ukrainian air defenses shot down 18 missiles aimed at Kiev, including six hypersonic missiles, officials said on Tuesday. Ukraine has intercepted nine Kalibr cruise missiles and three ground-based missiles fired from a Black Sea ship, Ukrainian military commander Valery Zardini said in a Telegram. Zarzhini added that Russia also launched Iranian-made Shahed strike drones during […]

Russia launches ‘exceptional’ air attack in Kyiv with drones, missiles

Loud explosions rang out over Kiev early Tuesday morning as Russia launched a heavy air raid on the capital with a combination of air, sea and land-launched missiles. The head of the Kiev military government, Serhiy Popko, said Russia’s recent attack on Kiev was “unusually dense and hit the largest number of missiles in a […]

Russian missiles hit hometown of Ukraine’s Eurovision contestants Tvorchi

As the Eurovision Song Contest was taking place in the UK late Saturday, a Russian missile struck the western Ukraine city of Ternopil, home of this year’s Ukrainian contestants, electro-pop duo Tvorki. bottom. Local authorities told Telegram that two people were injured in the strike, which raided a warehouse owned by a commercial company and […]

First Cruise Missiles go to Ukraine, UK Says They Aren’t for Striking Russia

Britain has announced a “coordinated and appropriate response to Russian escalation” in donating long-range cruise missiles, while Russia has threatened an “appropriate” military response. Britain has donated an unspecified number of long-range stealth cruise missiles to Ukraine, which it said were intended to push back “Russian forces based within Ukraine’s sovereign territory”. Approval by Defense […]

UK announces first-ever long-range missiles for Ukraine

British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace In an address to the House of Representatives, he confirmed the transfer of long-range cruise missiles. ‘Ukraine has the right to defend itself’ Wallace said. “The use of Storm Shadow will allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces based within Ukraine’s sovereign territory.” Storm Shadow is a conventionally armed […]

34 Casualties as Missiles Rain Down on Ukrainian Civilians

KIEV, UKRAINE (AP) – Russia launched a second massive missile salvo in Ukraine early Monday morning, damaging buildings and injuring at least 34 people in the eastern city of Pavlovrad, but Kiev could not be attacked, officials said. At about 3:45 am, air raid sirens began to sound in the capital, followed by explosions as […]