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China Hosts Talks Between Terrorists and ‘Moderate’ Fatah

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists met with the relatively “moderate” Palestinian faction Fatah in Beijing on Tuesday and issued a statement pledging “national unity.” Hamas pledged “national unity” three times in one sentence. “Today we sign the national unity agreement and say that the way to complete this journey is national unity. We […]

‘Moderate’ Defeats ‘Hardliner’ in Sham Iranian Presidential Election

Reformist Massoud Pezeshkian was sworn in as Iran’s next president on Friday, defeating Saeed Jalili, a protege of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, by 16.3 million votes to 13.5 million in a runoff election. Pezechkian said, Round 1 He failed to get the 50 percent of the vote needed to win Iran’s fake election on June 28. […]

Moderate House Dem: ‘Donald Trump is going to win. And I’m OK with that’

Rep. Jared Golden of Maine, a moderate Democrat, published an op-ed on Tuesday arguing that former President Trump will win the election and that’s “OK.” Golden, who has served in the House of Representatives since 2019, Published works “Donald Trump Wins the Election and Democracy Will Be Fine,” headlined the Bangor Daily News after Republicans […]

Khamenei Protege, Sole Moderate Neck And Neck In Iran Presidential Race

Presidential candidate Said Jalili casts his vote at a polling station In a surprise presidential election that highlighted voter indifference to economic hardship and social restrictions, a tight vote race pitted conservative moderates against a protege of Iran’s supreme leader. With more than 14 million votes counted so far in Friday’s vote, the only moderate […]

Moderate politician Benny Gantz resigns from Israeli war cabinet | Israel

Israeli politician and former army commander Benny Gantz has made good on his threat to resign from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency war cabinet, leaving him more reliant on the far-right wing of his coalition government. Netanyahu’s main rival, Gantz, a former defense minister and leader of the center-right National Unity Party, joined the three-member […]

Democrats Don’t Want You To Know How Moderate Trump’s Abortion Stance Is

Come to think of it, the GOP’s federal bill is also pretty moderate. Abortion on demand, for any reason, until birth, funded by taxpayers. That’s the modern left’s position on the issue. Democrats are so dug into their extremism that they can’t even support bills that compel “doctors” to keep babies who survive a homicide […]

Moderate Group Pulls Plug on Third-Party Bid in 2024

According to reports, No Labels aimed to provide a “launching pad” for moderate candidates in the 2024 presidential election in case voters were dissatisfied with candidates from the two major parties. It is reported that efforts to put together tickets for the presidential election will be ended. of wall street journal Ken Thomas and Christina […]