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Monkey business! Meet Ticky, NYC’s viral-sensation tow-trucking primate

It’s a jungle, exactly the kind of scenery she likes. A 3-year-old spider monkey named Tikki made a funny special appearance recently in the Bronx, wearing a diaper while frolicking around his owner’s tow truck. “Everybody wants to take a picture with her,” “Junior,” 40, told The Washington Post on Monday, referring to his lanky […]

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty To Creating Monkey Torture Videos, DOJ Says

An Ohio man admitted in federal court to creating and sharing videos showing monkeys being subjected to extreme torture and sexual abuse, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) statement released Monday. Ronald P. Bedra of Etna, entered into a plea agreement in which he admitted being guilty of “conspiring to create and distribute so-called […]

Florida Monkey Sightings Have Neighbors on Edge

Many Floridians who live in the Clermont and Groveland areas say they continue to see monkeys roaming their neighborhoods. Clermont resident Emme Krug told Fox 35 she found one of the animals on the roof of her Minnehaha Street home on Tuesday and was shocked to see it. report Thursday: Possible wild monkeys walking near […]

Woke ‘Monkey Man’ Disappoints at Box Office

monkey man was supposed to be next john wick. Instead, it’s just a piece of woke garbage that didn’t perform anywhere near its expectations. monkey man was projected The minimum price is $15 million and the maximum price is $20 million. Instead, it is crash landed Far below that floor price, it starts at just […]

Chinese Scientists Successfully Clone Monkey For First Time, Study Says

For the first time, Chinese scientists have successfully cloned a rhesus macaque monkey that lived to adulthood, according to research published in the journal Nature Communications. Retro, the first successful rhesus macaque clone was over two years old at the time. research Publication. “We have successfully cloned a living, healthy rhesus macaque monkey for the […]

Police in Puerto Rico rescue a rhesus macaque monkey chased by a crowd

Puerto Rican police on Friday captured a rhesus monkey that was being chased by a crowd at a public housing complex near the U.S. territory's north coast. The monkey was found injured and exhausted in the laundry room of an apartment in the Beautiful View complex in the coastal city of Arecibo, said police officer […]