Migrants Arrested with Drugs, Loaded Pistol, Money at Canadian Border in Montana

Harbor District Border Patrol agents arrest a group of immigrants following an attempted human smuggling near the Canadian border in Montana. A search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of drugs, handguns and cash. A border patrol officer at Sweetgrass Station observed two suspected migrants walking near the border. According to a Border Patrol […]

TikTok CEO brushes off Montana ban: ‘We are confident that we will prevail’

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew on Tuesday dismissed Montana’s recent move to ban TikTok in the state, saying the company would “win” when it sued Montana over the new law. “I’m confident,” he said. “We believe the recently passed Montana bill is simply unconstitutional,” Chu said in a statement. interview With Bloomberg at the Qatar […]

TikTok sues Montana after state bans app

TikTok filed a lawsuit on Monday challenging Montana’s new ban on the use of the Chinese-owned short-video app. ByteDance-owned TikTok argues that the ban, which takes effect January 1, violates the company’s and its users’ First Amendment rights. The lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Montana, preempts federal law because the ban intrudes into […]

Ticked-Off TikTok Users Launch Lawsuit Against Montana Ban

A group of five TikTok users has reportedly filed a lawsuit to prevent the state of Montana from banning the platform. Five users of Chinese social media platform TikTok have reportedly filed documents in a US federal court aimed at blocking the state of Montana from banning the platform. That comes after Gov. Greg Gianforte, […]

Montana Becomes First U.S. State to Ban China’s TikTok

Montana became the first US state to ban the Chinese-owned app TikTok. Governor Greg Gianforte, a Republican, announced Wednesday that he voted yes to a bill to protect state residents from the “Chinese Communist Party.” “We have banned TikTok in Montana to protect the personal information of Montana residents from the Chinese Communist Party,” Governor […]

TikTok users file lawsuit to block Montana ban

The five TikTok users, who are also creators of content posted on the short-video app, filed a lawsuit late Wednesday in federal district court in Montana seeking an injunction against the state’s new ban on the Chinese-owned platform. rice field. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed into law Wednesday a bill banning TikTok in the state […]

Montana becomes 1st state to ban TikTok as battle over free speech looms

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte on Wednesday signed a bill banning Chinese-owned TikTok from operating in the state, making it the first state to ban the popular short-video app. Montana makes it illegal for Google and Apple’s app stores to offer the TikTok app within its borders. This ban will take effect on January 1, 2024. […]

Montana becomes first state to ban TikTok; law likely to be challenged

Montana on Wednesday became the first U.S. state to ban TikTok outright, with its Republican governor signing a bill more drastic than other states seeking to curb social media apps. The move is expected to be legally challenged and would be the testing ground for America without TikTok envisioned by many domestic legislators. Some lawmakers, […]